What types of windows do you want to install in the various rooms in your home? You’ll have more options than you’ll know what to do with. This is one reason why it’s a great idea to head down to a Portland, OR replacement windows showroom. They have the products you need, and they have the customer service representatives you need. What follows is a look at 3 popular replacement window options you’ll find at a showroom near you.

1. Awning Windows

Awning windows have a hinge style on the top, so they swing outward rather than inward. This allows for good ventilation and a high level of airflow. It’s common for people to have awning windows installed close to stationery windows. You can also install awning windows above doors in your residence if you wish. If you want to use awning windows, consider placing them in difficult-to-access areas of your home like above the sink in your kitchen. But since they open outward, ensure that there’ll be no impediments to opening them. If you prize benefits like ease of operation, ventilation, and privacy, then you’ll certainly want to consider awning windows.

2. Double Slider Windows

Many homeowners love double slider windows – and for good reason. The panes of glass slide to open and close, and what this affords is a great deal of air flow. These types of windows, which are great for kitchens and bathrooms, can slide the windows right or left, offer a high level of thermal efficiency, and come with a durable cam lock. Give double slider windows close attention if you want windows that offer, among other things, superior ventilation, unobstructed views, and ease of use.

Portland, OR replacement windows

3. Double Hung Windows

These types of windows feature two operable sashes unlike single hung windows that feature one operable sash and one inoperable sash. Because the screens cover the entire frame, you won’t have to worry about things like debris getting into your home. These types of windows, which are extremely popular among homeowners, offer good ventilation, come in various style options, and are great for smaller rooms in your home.

These are just a few popular types of replacement windows available in Portland, OR. If you have any questions about available window types, we invite you to get in touch to learn more. We can schedule a consultation at your home if you want to ensure you get the right options. We’re a family owned and operated business that is insured, bonded, and licensed. Our certified installers will install the windows for you so that you receive all the benefits of replacement windows. So we offer everything you need for a successful replacement window project. For the assistance you require, give us a call to speak to one of our staff members. We also invite you to come to our showroom to see for yourself what we have in store for you. This will ensure you get exactly what you need for your residence.

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