Are you currently in the market for new windows? Among the replacement windows in Portland, OR to consider are casement windows. These types of windows have a flat pane of glass featuring a hinge on the side. They swing open horizontally using a hand crank positioned on the sill. Here are 4 reasons you should consider casement windows for your home.

1. Great Ventilation

If you install a casement window, you’ll be able to open the window entirely rather than part way. As you can imagine, this will ensure optimum ventilation. Consider that these types of windows can channel side breezes, which would normally pass by your residence, into your dwelling. The reason is that the open window creates a funnel effect that captures passing air. When should casement windows get top consideration? If you live in a community where the homes are built really close together, casement windows can facilitate proper ventilation.

2. Unobstructed View

Do you have a beautiful front yard or backyard that you love to look at? Do you live in a more rural setting where there are no bad views regardless of which Gresham window replacement you look out of? You can get clear and unobstructed views from inside with casement windows. You can get such windows minus muntin grid lines that are typically used on double hung windows. Without these grid lines, you will be able to look outdoors without anything compromising the view.

3. Weatherproof

Casement windows are weatherproof because they feature a locking mechanism that prevents the elements — whether rain or snow — from getting into your home. Also consider that a casement window has a single pane of glass rather than two, so there are no gaps that can enable air to get into your home.

4. Safety

If security is the top consideration during your search for replacement windows, then you need to have casement windows on the list. They are, quite simply, more secure than other types of windows. When you lock a casement window, all sides of the window are sealed into the sash. This will render casement windows very difficult to compromise from the outside, so would-be criminals will likely think twice before trying to gain unlawful access.

Again, there are lots of window types you can choose from. Casement windows are worth considering, but they’re not for everyone. For instance, if you need to install an in-window air conditioning unit, then a casement window won’t accommodate that. You also need to be wary about installing them where they can be accessed by small children since these windows open all the way and can therefore represent a security risk if the proper precautions, such as durable screens, are not included.

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