When the time comes to get Portland, Oregon replacement windows, you’ll want to consider your options. You’ll have to make a tangible investment to get quality windows, so you’ll want to carefully consider and weigh your options before making an informed decision. Among the various types of windows available are storm windows. But are they worth getting?

Here are 5 reasons why storm windows are worth the investment. Who knows? Perhaps your next replacement windows will be of the storm windows variety.

1. Insulation

One of the main benefits of storm windows is extra insulation. When it’s cold and frosty outside during a typical Oregon winter, your home will be warmer with storm windows. Storm windows are mounted overtop your primary windows — so they can be mounted either on the interior or on the exterior. Because storm windows add a layer of insulation, you’ll be able to retain heat and to repel the outdoor chill during the winter.

2. Energy Efficiency

Do you want to keep the outside air for seeping indoors? Storm windows will help. This means that your furnace and air conditioner units will not have to work harder to compensate for any air seeping indoors. And, of course, this will lead to lower heating and cooling bills at the end of each month.

3. Reduce Noise Pollution

Don’t you hate it when outside noise makes it hard for you to have a conversation with someone inside your house? And is it not frustrating if you want to get some sleep but are left unable to because of all the vehicle traffic and foot traffic outside your home? Storm windows can help in this regard. You will be able to enjoy your peace of mind since the outside noise will stay outside.

4. Protection

Storm windows are great at safeguarding your primary windows in Portland, OR, which means your windows will last a lot longer than they otherwise would. That could be enough to justify the investment.

5. Add Some Color

There was a time when storm windows were a bit of an eyesore with their drab colors, but that is no longer the case. You can get all the benefits of these kinds of windows without having the sacrifice style. Your home’s curb appeal will go up, and this will boost your home’s valuation.

These are just some of the reasons you might want to get storm windows should you be in the market for replacement windows in Portland, OR. At Kemp’s Windows Inc., we offer quality replacement windows. As well, we only offer reputable brands like Milgard Windows, Cascade Windows, and V.P.I Windows. You can learn more by calling us at (503) 659-7587 or by stopping by our showroom at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267. We’re a local family-owned and operated as well as a veteran-owned and operated business. We’re also fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. Our installers are AAMA-certified, so you can be certain that your replacement windows in Oregon will be installed by professionals.

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