Are you in the market for replacement windows? One type to consider is the single hung window category. There are lots of window types you’ll find at a Portland, OR replacement window showroom. Your best bet is to head over to a showroom, take a look around, and speak to one of the staff members so that you can find what you need for your home.

You’ll definitely see single hung windows — among other types — and they’re a great option. Consider these 5 reasons why you should consider getting single hung windows.

1. Security

Single hung windows are, due to the fact that they open in a single direction, secure. The locking system is simpler, which means that there is a reduced risk of it failing compared to the more complicated locking systems found on some other types of windows. It’s also easier to lock single hung windows properly since there is a single lock. It’s easier to make mistakes with multi-lock windows since people may sometimes forget to lock them properly.

2. Cost

Single hung windows have a single operable sash while double hung windows have two operable sashes. This means that single hung windows tend to be priced less expensively than double hung windows. So if you’d like to change multiple windows in a single project but have a tight budget, your money will stretch further if you buy and install single hung windows rather than double hung windows.

3. Good in Tight Spaces

Single hung windows are ideally suited for smaller rooms in your residence – not that they can’t be used in more spacious rooms as well. These types of windows don’t open outwards, so they won’t obstruct the path of anyone walking alongside the exterior of your home. So if you have a small room with limited space, you can install a single hung window.

4. Energy Efficiency

Single hung windows are also energy efficient. There is only a single operable sash. So there are fewer chances for air to get through them as your windows start to get older. If your primary reason for installing replacement windows is to increase energy efficiency, then be sure to ask the replacement window shop about things like low-E glass and inert gas fills. These are options that you’ll have to pay extra for, but they are important and should probably be considered must-haves rather than good-to-haves.

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5. Versatile

Another benefit of single hung windows is that they offer great versatility. You’ll have choices when it comes to finishing options, styles, shapes, trims, and more. Be sure to ask the replacement window store you deal with about your options so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

When you need a replacement window retailer in Portland, OR, look for one that is family owned and operated, insured, bonded, and licensed. It’s also important to ensure that the installers are American Architectural Manufacturers Association certified. It will make a tangible investment to get the windows you need, so it makes sense to have them professionally installed. This will ensure that you get them to put correctly and that you get the benefits.

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