Picture windows provide you with spectacular scenic views and the maximum amount of natural light you may want in your home. Since they are so popular with people that have high ceilings and or stay big houses, Portland, OR windows that fit the picture window category are not hard to find. If you are thinking of installing picture windows in a new home or replacing your picture windows, here is all you need to know.

These Windows Are Large And Fixed In Position

Picture windows are not going to make insulating your home harder. Since they are installed in a wall or building façade, they are fixed in position and cannot be opened or closed. That means that you cannot use them in every room in your home if you want to let in fresh air from outside. Use them in rooms where you need a clear unobstructed view of the outside landscape.

They Brighten Up A Room With More Light

These windows let in a lot of light because of their size. This not only brightens up a room but makes it seem bigger and more welcoming. Another advantage is that it reduces the need for using artificial lighting during the day meaning that you get to save money on electricity bills. They make a room visually interesting and create a sense of connection to the outdoors.

You Cannot Use Them In Every Room In Your House

Rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen need to have windows that can be opened because they need ventilation. These are rooms that produce a variety of odors and can also have high levels of moisture. So, you need windows that you can open to enhance airflow. The best types of windows for kitchens and bathrooms are either casement or double-hung windows. Depending on where you live, huge picture windows may not be a great idea for privacy reasons too.

The Cost Of Replacement Picture WindowsPortland, OR windows

You may need to spend an average of between $369 and $794 for a replacement window. The difference in price is determined by factors such as materials used in the construction of the window, size, and labor. The more affordable options are made of fiberglass and vinyl but this doesn’t mean that they are less durable than more expensive options made from hardwood or aluminum. The cost of installation for your picture window depends on the county you live in.

The Different Picture Window Sizes

Most picture windows are 2 to 8 feet wide and 1 to 8 feet tall. Larger windows can be as much as 72 feet in height and width. That means that you won’t have a hard time finding the right picture window for your room.

Come to our Portland, OR windows showroom and let us help you pick the perfect picture window for your home. We have trained and certified installers so you don’t have to worry about the installation process.

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