You need to know the basics of window replacement before purchasing replacement windows in Portland, OR. Replacing windows is an expensive process that most homeowners only have to do a few times in their lifetime. So, many people do not know what the process entails or what to expect. Here are the basics you need to know.

The Process Starts Before The Installation Begins

Contact the installer and schedule the date and time when the installation should be done. Tell the installer all they need to know about the windows such as saving some unique aspects of a window. Make sure that all valuable items are kept in a safe and secure place, and cover items that are hard to move so that the dirt and paint do not get to them. Make plans for your pets and children so that they will not be roaming in the house when the installation is taking place.

The First Day Of Installation Is Crucial

You must be present on the first day so that you can meet the crew that has come to replace your windows. Go over the project with the job lead person and make clarifications where it is needed. Make sure that the crew has laid down drop clothes so that your floor and furniture are protected. If you want to keep the windows they are removing, take the old windows away from where they have been stacked so that the crew has room to work. If it’s only a couple of windows being replaced, there will be no need to board up anything because the work should be finished on the first day.

When Work Spills Over To The Second Day

Installation projects that need more than a day to be completed often involve the replacement of ten or more windows. But this is determined by the size of the installation crew. The work begins early in the morning when the installation of the exterior trim or cladding begins to make the window weatherproof. They should broom-clean the place where they worked and test the windows.

Enlarging The Window Does Not Mean Ripping Out The Entire Wallreplacement windows in Portland, OR

Enlarging a window opening to fit your new windows can be done without removing the header and sill and the bottom parts of the window. A part of the wallboard will have to be removed to install a new stud. But enlarging the opening requires more time and labor which means more money. So, it’s better to buy a smaller-sized window instead of going through the process of enlarging a window opening.

Window Replacement Is Not DIY Project

Professionals are not just good at replacing windows but also at solving unforeseen problems that emerge during the installation process. They know what to do if they find that the frame is damaged or if part of the window opening is rotting.

Our window installers have been helping people improve their homes with replacement windows in Portland, OR for years. They will give you an estimate for the project and install the windows properly and fast.

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