When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that you are making choices that will increase the aesthetics of your property and the overall curb appeal to raise your value. Bay windows can be an excellent addition for multiple reasons, especially if you’re looking at replacement windows in Portland, OR. Because getting new windows for your home is one of the more affordable options of grades that can be done, it will pay off in the long term simply due to the cost savings, so here is more information.

Why Choose Bay Windows?

Bay windows have become one of the more popular options for homeowners because they not only offer a more significant amount of natural light to come into your home, but they enhance the appeal of the area by making it feel more extensive and more space. These windows come in three different kinds and are built to be angled away from the home’s interior. The other versions are:

Casement window: This choice is hinged on the sides of two different panes and can be cranked to open outwardly. They can resemble barn doors when opened and offer a variety from the standard double-hung option.

Double-hung: The second option is one of the more popular choices and is designed with two sashes that operate by moving up and down to allow ventilation from different areas of the frame. These work well for helping with ventilation and come in high-energy options to keep monthly costs down.

Fixed picture: The picture window comes in a larger size that is one solid sheet. Traditionally they are not able to be opened and are most commonly placed in living rooms. One of the most significant benefits is they offer an unobstructed view because there are no splits in the glass.

How much Do They Cost?

The cost for the windows can vary depending on the project size and the quality of materials you’re choosing. For a standard, medium-sized three-panel and vinyl option, the installation can run up to $3500.

The windows come in multiple options between vinyl and wood, so you will need to consider what is required for the project to understand your budget. The sizes can also vary, with a standard being anywhere from 3 feet to 10 feet wide.

The window types can vary, and there are a few options, such as the angled bay, which are a more common choice. These arereplacement windows in Portland, OR designed with an angle that corresponds to an exterior wall. The boxed bay option could be considered a garden window that protrudes from the home.

Quality you Can Count on

When it comes to bay windows, you will want to consider your needs and your budget to make the best choice. Anytime you’re looking at replacement windows in Portland, OR you want a high-quality company you can depend on. Kemp’s Windows Inc. has been in business since 1979 with a commitment to quality for all our customers. We offer the highest quality customer service on the market, so if you’d like to know more or to make an appointment, contact us today, and we will help you get started.

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