Some people hesitate to replace their stylish windows not knowing that Portland, OR replacement windows come in a variety of styles. You are going to find something suitable or better to replace your old window. The right type of window will be determined by the architectural style of your home, your preferences, and your functional needs. Here are tips for you to find a replacement window that improves the look and feel of your home and enhances its energy efficiency.

Your Personal Preferences Are Important Because It’s Your Home

No one wants to live in a home with windows that don’t fit their style. Windows that match your personal style may include awning windows, picture windows, double-hung windows, stand glass windows or others. Find something that will make you happy when you look at it every day.

Consider The Architectural Style Of Your Home

There are several types of architectural styles but the most common styles are modern and traditional styles. If you like modern architecture, windows with simple clean lines and neutral colors may be preferable to flamboyant windows. Popular modern window styles for modern architecture include picture windows and casements. Traditional architecture means different things depending on the region you live in. So, not all traditional window styles are going to be the right choice for your home. Traditional window choices vary from windows with intricate details and decorative accents to single or double-hung windows with grilles or grids. They are often white in color or have a wood finish.

The Windows Should Be Energy Efficient

Do not sacrifice energy efficiency for style. An energy-efficient window has insulated glass with tight construction to reduce air leaks. Depending on your budget, you can either go for vinyl, wood, aluminum, or wood-clad windows because they offer varying levels of insulation. Wood and wood-clad windows are temperature-transfer- windows meaning that they stop the cold air from entering your home. Even with a smaller budget, you can get vinyl alternatives that also offer insulation and are durable. A simple way to identify energy-efficient windows is to research whether they are Energy Star certified.

The Right Material For Your WindowPortland, OR replacement windows

Vinyl windows offer some insulation but only come in white color. They do not warp or crack when exposed to sunlight and are more affordable than most other options. Wood windows are great for insulation and add a sophisticated look to your home. Aluminum is durable but can develop mold or rust if you don’t maintain them. Windows made from wood are also durable and look sophisticated but they also need regular maintenance and don’t do well in rooms with high moisture levels. But you can always go for fiberglass and aluminum-clad windows.

You need to consider your interior décor when you are shopping for windows. If you have implemented a traditional style in your interior that plays around with bright colors and different patterns, then windows painted with bright colors that match that interior are a great choice. For more help choosing the right Portland, OR windows for your home, come to our showroom.

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