It’s not uncommon for things in your home to break down over time, and this also applies to your replacement windows in Portland, OR. over the years, through wear and tear, minor issues might start showing up, and you will have to address these either yourself or with a professional. There are several reasons why a window might be leaking and some tips on how to address them and we have them listed in this article for you.

Reasons for a Leak Rain

One of the main reasons a window might leak is heavy rains because the moisture can come in from different directions. In a mild situation, there may be just a few spots around the bottom or sides of the window, but over time this can grow into a much larger problem if not resolved.

To address this situation, you may have to remove the old caulking and lay down a new layer to help ensure that the window is protected. You could also consider utilizing weatherstripping, which can also break down over time, so regular inspections are critical.

Water Build-Up in Between the Panes

Another situation that occurs is water buildup that happens in between the panes of the window. The glass has a seal around it when it’s produced that helps keep a layer of gas in between the panes, and once this begins to break down, it will start allowing moisture to build up between the glass. This causes condensation and can potentially build up and leak inside the home.

In this situation, investing in a new replacement is the only way to address the problem.

Bottom Corner Leaks

If you find there is leaking at the bottom corner of your cell, this can result from too much moisture. If you do find there is a leak at the bottom, this could be an indicator that there is a larger issue.

When it comes to a bottom corner leaking, this may be a problem with the window due to warping or age, and it may be time to invest in a replacement.

Top Leaks Replacement Windows in Portland, OR

If the water is leaking from the top, this could indicate a leak inside the home, and it may not necessarily be the window itself. In addition, if you find water formation inside, this could also be due to moisture levels in the home and have nothing to do with the window.

This last consideration can be one of the most concerning because a leak inside your home can cause damage to the internal structure and foundation. You will need to locate where the water is coming in, so it is recommended to call a professional if you are unsure.

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