If you are having difficulty choosing between double or triple-pane replacement windows in Portland, OR, all you need to do is research their features. The most obvious difference between them is the number of panes each type of window has. A triple-pane window offers more insulation which means it retains more heat in the home during winter and keeps your home cooler during the summer.

Double Pane Windows Keep Away The Cold And The Heat

Double pane windows have two pieces of glass with a space in between them that is filled with air or argon gas. Argon gas prevents heat from passing through the windows. It reflects heat away from your home in the summer and keeps heat in your home during the winter. The space between the two panes prevents condensation that occurs on normal windows during the colder months. Condensation is usually a sign that your home is losing heat.

Triple Pane Windows Offer Better Insulation

Triple pane windows have three pieces of glass and offer year-round energy savings. This is because they have two spaces filled with gas, unlike the double-pane windows that have only one space. That means you save even more on utilities. These windows last for years because they are built to be sturdy enough to hold three panes. But they are more expensive than double pane windows.

They Keep The Noise Out

Double and triple pane windows keep the noise in the street, from aircraft, and heavy equipment away from your home. Triple pane windows have an extra pane with an extra gas-filled space making them more soundproof. Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you escape after a long day, but street noises can ruin that.

The Cost Of Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows cost about 15 percent more than double pane windows. While this may not seem like a huge price difference, the cost can quickly increase if you replace all the windows in your home. But if you can afford it, triple pane windows may be the right choice, especially in colder climates. They offer more insulation that helps keep your energy bill down. But in most of the United States, double pane windows are appropriate.

Should You Choose Double Pane Or Triple Pane Windowsreplacement windows in Portland, OR

If you are on the fence about investing the additional money for a triple-pane window, then a double-pane window is still a great choice. It offers insulation, keeps your home comfortable, and saves you money. You may only need a triple-pane window if you live in very harsh or cold climates.

When To Replace A Window

You may need to replace your window if you detect drafts when it’s windy or leaks when it rains. Leaks can lead to structural issues in your home while drafts can overwork your home’s air conditioning system.

But you can always contact our experienced installers to help you determine whether you need replacement windows in Portland, OR, or new construction windows.

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