Everything in your home will break down over time, and if you have been experiencing foggy glass, you might be considering getting replacement windows in Portland, OR. While this can be a great solution, especially if you are dealing with older windows, it can be helpful to understand the process and why it’s happening, so keep reading for more information.

Why Does Condensation Build-Up on the Glass?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a residential or commercial building; it’s not uncommon for the glass to look foggy after a period of time. This can come from condensation that’s built up on the exterior, or it can be on the interior in between the panes. While the surface can be dealt with more easily, the interior fogginess may be a more problematic situation that will need professional services.

Fog builds up on the pains because it is a form of condensation similar to what you would see on a cool glass of water in the summertime. The condensation results from too much humidity in the home, and the glass is a cold surface on which it can build up.

Condensation Between the Glass

Modern window designs have multiple layers of glass installed, and if you’re finding that the air space between them is starting to fog, this can mean that a seal is not working correctly. Specialized gases are put in between the panes that replace the air, which helps reduce condensation buildup and create more energy efficiency. If a seal fails, the gases escape, leaving the internal space between the two panes susceptible to condensation buildup.

What Steps Can Be Taken for this?

Foggy interior windows can signal that you need to reduce the amount of humidity in your home in the wintertime; this can mean making sure all gas burners are vented to the home’s exterior. You can also run bathroom and kitchen fans regularly to help push it outside.

If you find that you have a seal failure on your interior windows and the condensation is building up between the panes of glass, you may have to consider replacing the unit. There is another option of replacing just the glass, but this may only last between five and ten years and will need to be repeated after that point. In most cases, window manufacturers now offer a lifetime warranty for seal failure on the windows, so it may be wise to invest in this to help save you time and money later down the road.Replacement Windows in Portland, OR1

Community and Client Focused

As you can see, there are a few considerations when dealing with any condensation on your windows. If you are experiencing buildup between the panes, it may be time to consider purchasing replacement windows in Portland, OR, and we would love to help you with your project. We are a local and family-owned company and take great pride in offering the highest level of care and integrity on the market, so contact us today for more information.

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