Undoubtedly, being a homeowner has its own set of responsibilities, from general maintenance to doing upgrades that can raise the overall value. Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are known for being one of the more affordable upgrades that you can choose that will end up saving you more money in the long run. Vinyl windows can be a great choice, but without the proper knowledge, it might be confusing if it’s right for you, so here is more information.

Vinyl Windows 101

For over 30 years, people have chosen vinyl windows as a great replacement option for multiple reasons and here are just a few.

Aesthetics: Vinyl has become one of the better options on the market due to the large selection of products available. The choices come in vinyl clad or all vinyl, and with almost any color available on the market, it leaves a wide variety of options for customers to create a look that they love.

Flexibility: With options like fixed pane, standard, or unique shape, this choice makes an excellent option for any business or homeowner. They are also less prone to shattering, making them one of the better options available for safety and longevity.

Durability: As a homeowner, you have enough to do on a day-to-day basis to keep your home in order. Vinyl windows have some of the lowest maintenance required out of all the options and do not require staining or painting. There are also upgraded options available in the market designed to minimize fading, warping, or peeling.

Cost Savings: Another significant aspect that vinyl windows will offer is their affordability. This can be an excellent choice for anyone working with a budget, but more expensive options come in a designer choice to compliment a higher-end quality home.

Efficiency: These windows have become a popular option also due to their energy efficiency. They are now built with options such as double or triple panes, insulation properties, and special coatings that can help lower overall energy costs each month.

Sustainability: The longevity of the vinyl also contributes to a more environmentally friendly option. The material can outlast aluminum and wood, and they are also recyclable, so you’re making an eco-friendly and responsible choice.

Quality and Experience

replacement windows in Portland, OR

Vinyl has all the best qualities that can be offered as an affordable solution for any homeowner. Due to the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing product while at the same time delivering energy efficiency and durability, this makes them one of the best choices for your home. There’s no doubt that finding the right product for your home is a priority and working with a company that understands the intricacies that come with these kinds of projects is essential.

Kemp’s Windows Inc. has been serving our local community since 1979 with quality and care that you can depend on. We take great pride in helping all our customers complete a project they love from start to finish. If you need replacement windows in Portland, OR, or have any questions give us a call today, and we can help you get started.

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