Are you interested in getting replacement windows for your home ahead of winter? If your current windows need to be changed, you won’t want to go through another winter with them in place. What you’ll need are replacement windows for your Portland, OR home. 


Delaying such a project until next spring or next summer is a bad plan. If your windows are not up to the task, your home will be cooler than you’d like during the fall and winter. The reason for this is that the air may be able to seep in even if the windows are closed. But getting replacement windows will help. Here’s how windows can keep your home warmer this winter. 

 replacement windows for your Portland, OR

Consider Double Pane or Triple Pane 

When you go into a replacement window showroom, make sure that you look at the double pane and triple pane varieties. The gold standard of yesteryear was single pane windows that included one pane of glass. But it’s now standard to get two panes of glass, which offer better insulation. And this, in turn, will keep your home warmer when the weather is really cold. If you really want to take things up a notch, you can ask for triple pane windows. These windows offer the ultimate in energy efficiency. You won’t have to use your furnace as much since your windows will provide a strong barrier between the outside and the inside of your home. 


Consider Low-E 

For something that is nearly invisible, low-E sure is important. Low-E is a special coating that can be applied to windows. What it does is fortify your windows by making sure that your home stays warmer when the weather is cold and cooler when the weather is hot. In other words, low-E glass will help to keep your home more comfortable all year round. And because of this, you won’t have to rely as heavily on your air conditioner or furnace. Over the course of the year, you will pay less in utility bills. So more of your hard-earned money remains in your wallet. 


Consider Inert Gas Fills 

Another option to think about is inert gas fills. You can ask the replacement window store you deal with about this option. The two types of inert gas are krypton and argon. When you go with this option, either one of these two types will be inserted between the panes of glass. Your windows will be more energy efficient since the inert gas will provide a lot of insulation. 


When you combine double pane or triple pane windows, low-E coatings, and inert gas fills, you’ll have the type of replacement windows that will keep your home warmer this winter. Are you ready to get replacement windows for you Portland, OR home? Come to our showroom to see our range of quality windows. You’ll be able to see what options would be best for your home, speak to our customer service representatives, and even book an in-home appointment. Once you buy the windows you want, our certified installers will ensure they’re put in properly.

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