Anytime you are doing a home remodel and need to make changes like replacement windows in Portland, OR, you must consider all your options. When it comes to getting a new entry door installed, you may be confused about your choices are I need some extra information. You’ll need to consider where you live and your weather patterns, so you understand what kind of material you need to choose. Taking durability and quality into account while being mindful of your budget will help you pick a door that’s appropriate for your home.

Material Choices



Steel is one of the primary choices and can come with a 24 gauge option for thickness. Traditionally they have a polyester finish that is baked on and will need resealing as part of maintenance. Some come with a coating that helps with weather resistance or even a wood veneer that can be seen to match stage the aesthetics of your home.


One problem with steel doors is that they can build up an extreme amount of heat and be uncomfortable to the touch. Throw some situations where the warranty will be void if you have paired up a steel door with an aluminum storm door because it can cause the finished peel. Another area that can be problematic is their less energy efficient than other materials because cold and heat could be conducted more quickly through the surface.



This has always been a popular choice due to its aesthetics, and they come in a variety of materials and allow for almost any stain or paint color to be applied. There are some situations where you can get a veneer skin placed over the door to help prevent swelling, warping, and resistance to shrinking.


wood doors will need to be installed in an area that is shaded or protected to prevent warping. They also have more intricate moldings, which can be less cost-effective for someone’s budget.



Fiberglass is one of the best options for low-maintenance and can be created to resemble the look of solid wood. Some skins can be applied to the fiberglass on a framework of wooden rails and generally come with foam insulation.


These doors may be one of the more expensive options of the three, and you will need to check with homeowners’ associations before installing due to the material.

Other Considerationsreplacement windows for your Portland, OR

One of the biggest things you will want to consider when you’re installing one of these doors is that you have the proper installation and flashing. Ensuring that the contractor understands the threshold system and glazing system are also priorities.

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