When the time comes to buy replacement windows in Lake Oswego, OR, your best bet is to do some research to find a reputable company to deal with. This research should definitely include talking to family and friends to get their feedback on window companies they’ve personally dealt with in the past. After you have a list of a few viable candidates, you’ll want to visit the showrooms, ask questions, and get estimates.   

The good news is that most of the companies you visit will be honest and driven to provide great products and excellent customer service. The not so good news that is that not all businesses will be as transparent as they should. Here are 3 red flags to be on the lookout for.  

  1. Too-Good-to-be-True Estimates

Replacement windows come at lots of different price points, so chances are you’ll find something priced just right for you. It’s customary when looking for products to get quotes from a handful of different companies. Some will be unreasonably high, others will be somewhere in the middle, and others will be dirt cheap. A bargain-basement-priced replacement window might seem like a steal of a deal that can’t be passed up, but don’t be too hasty. If you find that one of your estimates is way lower than the others, you might want to ask some follow-up questions or to do some research on the brand of window being quoted. Also be sure to ask if the price includes installation and a warranty.  

  1. Overly Aggressive Sales Staff

You can’t fault a salesperson for being motivated and ambitious, but there are still lines that should not be crossed. If you run into an especially pushy salesperson who aggressively seeks to pressure you into signing a contract right then and there — even after you say you need more time to think — take that as a red flag. Ensure that any decisions you make are based on your budget, research, and needs rather than on an overly aggressive employee pushing for a buying decision.  

  1. Lack of Clarity

When you deal with a replacement window company, you’ll want everything to be explained clearly. In other words, you want clarity. Does the estimate include everything, including removal and disposal of old windows? Are there extra charges that have not been explained to you yet? The best way you can cover all the bases on this front is to get a contract that clearly itemizes everything so that there’s no guesswork on your part. You won’t be able to make an educated buying decision without such clarity.  

At Kemp’s Windows Inc., you won’t have to worry about any of these 3 red flags ruining your buying experience because we great products, reasonable pricing, helpful staff, and clear billing are just some of the things we’re known for. Located at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267, we have what you need in Lake Oswego, OR replacement windows. Call us at (503) 659-7587 or visit our showroom when you want to talk replacement windows for your home. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. As well, our installers are AAMA certified, which means that your windows will be put in by skilled professionals. 

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