If you are looking for replacement windows in Portland, OR, you may not know which material is the right one for your home. Aluminum is a great option, and there are several reasons why so you will know you are making the best decision. There are five reasons why aluminum is beneficial, so here is more information.

The Material is Flexible

One of the most significant aspects of aluminum is that it is a material that can be efficiently designed due to its flexibility. This means that in most situations, you are not going to be limited on the design that you are looking for. It helps foster imagination to create windows that truly reflect your style and aesthetics.

Resistant to Mildew and Rust

One of the biggest culprits for damage to windows is water, and it can be incredibly detrimental to the materials over time. Issues like rust and mildew can begin to grow on the material, but you don’t have to worry about this with aluminum windows. Because they are naturally resistant to rust and mildew, this is one less thing you will have to think about after the installation.


If you are looking for material that will be long-lasting and offer longevity which can save you time and money while you own your home, aluminum is one of the best choices. The material is also incredibly lightweight while still durable, meaning it can hold up better against the outdoor elements and last for many years.


aluminum is also one of the more budget friendlier options on the market than other materials. If one of your biggest concerns is around the price and finding something that’s budget-friendly, aluminum is an excellent choice because it can fit almost any budget.

Little Maintenance

With some materials, you will be looking at regular maintenance consisting of refinishing and repainting. Still, when it comes to aluminum, they are built to withstand most conditions that the environment can bring. They will not split, warp, or crack, and the only maintenance they will generally need is keeping them clean.

Eco-friendlyreplacement windows for your Portland, OR

One of the last benefits they offer is that they are known for being eco-friendly. They not only provide a high level of insulation, but they can also be recycled repeatedly due to the materials they are made of. This means you are purchasing an item that is a sustainable choice and can help save you money on your monthly bills through the years.

Professional and Friendly Services

Choosing replacement windows in Portland, OR, for your home is an essential part of the process because the suitable material can increase the overall value of the property and the curb appeal. Having an installation done professionally is crucial to the experience to help with our specialized services. We have been in business since 1979, providing our local community with the highest level of professional service on the market, so if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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