If you find that your home is colder than you would like but do not want to turn up the heat further, you may need to consider insulating your replacement windows in Portland, OR. Starting with your windows can help create a cozier environment with some simple insulation ideas to apply, so here is more information to help you get started!


One of the top choices on the market is to utilize a film designed for the windows. The material is traditionally made from plastic and will come in a kit that has everything needed for the application. Before starting, you want to ensure the window is thoroughly cleaned; then, you can measure the film to fit the size of the window. The kit will come with the manufacturer’s instructions, so be sure to follow them through the process for proper application.

Bubble Wrap

This wrap is another great way to insulate the window, especially in a more urgent situation. The glass will need to be cleaned and misted; then, the bubble wrap will be placed against the window. You may need to apply some adhesive tape to keep it in place, so be mindful if you have paint on the window frames because this can potentially cause some damage by lifting the paint.


Another method is that if you feel a draft coming through the window, you may need to apply caulking to seal any gaps before placing any films or bubble wrap on the glass. The caulk is easy to apply and can be placed around any window area, particularly around the joints in the frame. It is recommended to use a knife to remove residues like old caulk or peeling paint before proceeding.


replacement windows for your Portland, OR

The last option on the market is choosing curtains designed for insulation. This can be in addition to adding on the caulking or weatherstripping to help enhance the insulation further. Because insulating curtains are made with a thermal lining which helps foster this, they come in many different styles and colors to help enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. Keep in mind that with the curtains, you measure the appropriate size so you can get the right product for your window. Also, ensure you have the right floor-length and confirm the rods are positioned to cover the frame thoroughly.

From Start to Finish We are Here to Help

There is no doubt that having your home insulated is critical and having windows that can support this is a vital part of the process. If you are dealing with outdated or drafty windows, you might be considering getting replacement windows in Portland, OR, and you want to work with a company that understands how to get the job done professionally. We are locally owned and have been serving our community since 1979, focusing on providing the highest level of care on the market. If you need to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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