When you are thinking about installing replacement Windows in Portland, OR, your main concern is that they should look just as good or better compared to the original windows. You may be shopping for new windows to transform or improve the look of your home. Apart from the size of your window, personal taste, and other factors, there are fashionable, innovative, and practical trends that can determine the windows you choose. Here are some of the latest trends you should know.

Open windows during rain or shine

These are windows suitable for people living in different climates. They include awning windows that have a hinge at the top making it possible to leave them open when it is raining. These windows can be opened 45 degrees at the bottom to let air circulate while keeping the rain out. You can buy one with a screen to keep out insects. These windows offer insulation just like your regular windows.

Darker Frames Are Getting Popular

Classic black window frames have never really gone out of style but their popularity is on the rise. While they were popularly used on brick buildings during the industrial age, they work well with contemporary architecture consisting of neutral or light colors. Dark frames draw attention to the window, which makes them great if you want to draw attention to the view outside your home. They are also practical because they absorb heat, increasing your home’s temperature. This is great if you live in colder climates but it does not have to be a problem in hotter climates if you have adequate ventilation.

Let The Outside In With Floor To Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are meant to keep you appreciating the scenery outside even when you are inside. They also thoroughly illuminate the room during the day meaning that you don’t have to use any artificial light. These windows also take focus away from the fireplace and the TV and act as a type of interior décor which changes with the weather; almost like a huge screen saver.

Built-In Window Seats For Reading Or Napping

Built-in window seats are a great way to enjoy the view while reading and can also be a wonderful place to have areplacement Windows in Portland, OR short nap. These seats often have cozy pillows or cushions to enhance the coziness. The charm of window seats is greatly enhanced when built in bay windows or double-hung windows. Window seats can be placed in a bedroom, den, entryway, and even your kitchen.

Soundproof Windows For Peace And Quiet

If you live next to a noisy street or a railroad track, you are no stranger to annoying noises that can make spending time at home a nightmare. Fortunately, sound-reducing windows that absorb sounds from outside can keep the noise outside and allow you to work from home if you want to.

Our experienced installers are Installation Masters certified and can help you pick the right replacement windows in Portland, OR. Visit our showrooms so our specialists can guide you through the various products to help you find the perfect option for your home.

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