There are a lot of so-called “facts” spread about shopping for replacement windows in Portland, OR that are half-true or completely untrue. These misconceptions can lead to costly buyer’s remorse, especially if you were working on a project that involved replacing more than a couple of windows. Replacement windows come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities meaning that there are many elements to consider when choosing them. Here are some replacement window myths you need to know.

A Lifetime Warranty Protects You From Everything

A lifetime warranty only means that you won’t have to face any extra cost if your window malfunctions. It does not cover labor, which is not cheap in most cases. Warranties are also only valid if the terms of the warranty are not voided. Improper installations or installations that do not comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines void the warranty. So, read the terms of the warranty carefully and find professional installers that can do the job as required.

Double Pane Windows From Different Brands Offer The Same Benefits

Just like SUVs, not all double-pane windows offer the same level of quality. Different window manufacturers use different production methods, materials, and other factors to make their double-pane windows. Not all window manufacturers use argon in their double-pane windows to enhance insulation, some just use air which is not as beneficial. Even argon-filled windows may have different methods of sealing used which may determine how fast the gas dissipates. So, not all double-paned windows are the same.

Any Installer Can Do The Job

You need a certified installer to install your windows because any mistake during the installation process can be very expensive. A person with experience and a work ethic is going to ensure that you get the right window and the window is installed properly. Just because someone works for construction doesn’t mean they know how to install your specific window. A professional installer will ensure there is the proper alignment of the window and will not damage the frame during installation. They will also do the job faster than an inexperienced installer.

Vinyl Windows Are The Best Choicereplacement windows in Portland, OR

High-quality vinyl is known not to warp, chip, or yellow even when exposed to lots of sunlight and moisture. So, it makes sense that some people see it as a safer choice. But replacement windows made using aluminum and fiberglass are just as great as or even better in some aspects than vinyl windows.

Your Window Frames Can’t Hold Other Window Styles

It is not true that your window frame cannot fit other types of windows. If your old window was made of wood, you can replace it with a window made using a different material such as vinyl. Your new window does not have to match the other windows in your home.

If you have any questions about replacement windows, talk to our professionals who are experienced in replacement windows in Portland, OR. We offer estimates for all types of home improvement projects.

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