Homeowners usually try to find other solutions for drafty windows before buying Portland, OR replacement windows. This is understandable if you want a short time solution as you try to get the money together to buy the right replacement windows. Drafty windows are not always low quality, sometimes it’s how they were installed that is to blame. Here are simple fixes for your drafty windows.

Causes Of Drafty Windows

Even high-quality windows weather over time and need some kind of maintenance. The caulking degrades, glazing putty cracks as the window ages. As a consequence of aging, the window will let in more cold air as time goes by and this will be reflected on your energy bill. You can repair these issues in the short term as you plan for a replacement window.

Nail Polish Or Epoxy Can Cover Very Small Cracks

You can use nail polish to cover small cracks in window’s glass. But you have to apply several coats to cover the small cracks effectively. It has to be clear nail polish for it to disguise the crack making it invisible. The nail polish holds the glass together and keeps the rain and draft outside. For larger cracks, epoxy glue can work better because it is designed to hold together broken glass. You can buy it online or at a home improvement store near you. Epoxy glue contains a resin and a hardener that work together to create a strong bond.

Get A Window Draft Stopper

Window draft stoppers or draft snakes are tubes or sleeves made from various materials that stop cold air from entering your home. You place them at the bottom edge of your window or door. They are often made from material that cannot damage your window and can be cut to size to fit your window. Draft stoppers are temporary and can be replaced at any time.

Use Insulation Film

Insulation film is great during seasons when you won’t be opening the windows such as during winter. A double-sided tape holds this film making it easy to mount over your windows. It creates an air-tight fit that keeps away window drafts. Unlike the draft stopper, an insulation film holds the window so tightly that removing it may cause some damage.

These Are Short-Term Fixes

It is important to emphasize that you cannot rely on these simple fixes as a long-term solution. Instead only use them in emergency situations or when you are still working on getting the money to install quality replacement windows.Portland, OR replacement windows

How To Buy The Right Replacement Windows

After some time, no amount of little fixes can stop an old window from not performing as intended. The best long-term solution is to get the right replacement window for your home. Make sure that you have all the right measurements for your window and buy a durable replacement window.

We can give you a free estimate for the windows you want. Just come to our Portland, OR windows showroom, and let us help you find what you need.

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