After you go to a replacement windows store in Portland, OR and buy the products you want for your home, you can either have the professionals at the retailer install them or do the installation on your own. Yes, you will have to pay extra to have the pros put them in for you. But when you consider the investment you’ll make when buying the windows and the benefits they’ll provide you for many years, you can appreciate the need for proper installation. 


What follows are some nightmare scenarios that can occur if, instead of getting professionals to install replacement windows, you try to save money by doing it yourself or by getting a friend to do it for you. 


Scenario #1: Oh no! I Accidentally Dropped it! 

Installing windows isn’t as easy as it might appear, and they’re actually heavier than they look. If Uncle Harry says that he can lift the unit into place, hold it steady with one hand, and then use the other hand to secure the window into place, you might be asking for problemsWhat will you do, after all, if he drops the unit and possibly damages it? Whatever warranty you get when you buy the replacement windows will be lost if you don’t get them professionally installedSo if you seek to do it yourself or to get a non-pro to do it for you, you will have to forego the warranty. 


Scenario #2: “I’ve Never Seen That Before! 

Professional replacement window installers have seen it allThere’s no telling what you will see if you remove the old windows and try to install the new ones. Professional installers, however, have seen all types of problems. More importantly, they’ve resolved all types of issues, which means that you’ll be able to count on their experience and skills. If you do the installation yourself or have a family member take on the task, what will you do if there’s a problem that manifests itself after a window is taken out?  And can you be sure that the solution you come up with is the right one? You won’t have these worries if you hire professional installers. 

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Scenario #3: “Does This Look Straight to You?” 

When professional window installers put in windows, they will always ensure that the windows are straight. This is important not just for aesthetical reasons, but also for functional reasons. Quite simply, windows that are not put in properly won’t give you all the promised benefits – and they might not even open and close properly. If you or someone else you know performs the installationthe results may not be what you wantHaving to undo any problems will take a lot of time and possibly require you to spend more money. 


We’re a Portland, OR replacement window retailer that places a high priority on providing quality products, excellent customer service, and expert installation. We’re also a family owned and operated business that is insured, bonded, and licensed. And our installers are certified. This means that you will get all of the intended benefits when you buy quality replacement windows. It also means you’ll get a warranty to protect your investment. 

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