Your windows do not just enhance the aesthetic of your home but also maintain its structural integrity. So, when they are too old or damaged your first thought should be to find the right replacement windows in Portland, OR. But should you replace the window frame while installing replacement windows? Here are reasons why you should or should not replace the window frame.

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are designed to be installed in pre-existing window openings. You can find them in stores that sell new construction windows. The old frames in your home’s window openings should be in good condition for the seamless installation of the replacement window. This would not be possible if the old frame was damaged. Proper installation of windows is important because it can determine whether the window provides adequate insulation or not.

Reasons To Replace The Old Frame

One obvious reason to replace a frame is when the old frame is damaged. Damage can mean warping, rotting, and cracking which are often caused by too much moisture. Structural issues on the frame can make it impossible to fit the new replacement window onto the old frame. Aesthetics can also be a major reason to replace the old frame, especially if the old frame’s color or design clashes with your new window. Style may also be an issue. For example, if the old frame has a traditional style, it may not match with a modern replacement window. Older frames may also be inefficient leading to drafts and air leakage. That means replacing the frame is a better choice.

Reasons Not To Replace The Old Frame

There are, however, some justifications for not changing the window frame. Cost addition is one aspect because you will need more labor and materials. This is why using an old frame that is in good condition will save you money. Architectural or historic significance might also be a reason. Maintaining the original design and following local historic preservation laws can be crucial. The surrounding structure’s structural integrity might also be compromised during removal and installation. If the frame is strong and maintained, it might not even be necessary.

Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Old Window

When deciding whether or not to replace the window frame, there are several factors to consider. The age and condition of the existing frame, desired appearance and style, budget, available resources, and energy efficiency goals are all important factors to consider.replacement windows in Portland, OR

Get The Right Installer

Whether you decide to replace the old frame or use it, you are going to need an experienced installer that can problem solve as they work with ease. Doing it yourself may sound like a good idea but you need to remember that any slight mistake could derail the installation.

Our trained, certified, and experienced installers can measure your windows in Portland, OR, and find the right replacement windows to use. They will help you make the right decision if you are not sure whether to keep the old frame or replace it.

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