Every item in your home needs its own set of care and maintenance. And whether you have been considering getting replacement windows in Portland, OR, or you want to keep your current ones in the best shape possible, having regular inspections is critical. Learning to go through the process correctly is crucial, so let’s look at this helpful guide with a list of inspection steps.

Check Both Sides

One of the first steps is to closely inspect the exterior finishes of the windows. Look for issues like flaking paint, broken glass, damaged frames, stains, and rust. Checking for discoloration along the ceilings, floors, walls, and sills is also recommended because this could indicate a leak.

Keep them Clean

Another important part of inspecting your windows hard to ensure they are clean and not polluted with contaminants. Debris, like sand, dirt, and leaves, can build up over time and break down the windows’ seal. Having a regular cleaning schedule for them is vital to their health and in most cases, using a vacuum is the simplest method to keeping the harder areas clean.

And if you are finding that the window is sticking or sliding unevenly, this could be a sign of a damaged or warped frame. And it is recommended to address this as soon as possible to prevent leaks.

Check the Hardware

The hardware is a critical part of the window, and you want to ensure that the latches and locks are tested for security. If these items are not working correctly, it can cause potential safety issues, or if you find they are loose or stuck, it is recommended to repair them as soon as possible.

Clean the Drains

The window drain is also an essential element of the entire system. The drain or the small holes at the bottom allow moisture to flow in and out of the window. If they get blocked, this can potentially cause water to seep into the wood, resulting in mold and rotting in the frame.

A few water damage indicators can include peeling paint, discoloration, warping, and spots. If you find these outside your home, it is crucial to get them repaired as soon as possible to prevent internal damage to the house’s structural integrity.

Inspect the Weather Stripping and CaulkingReplacement Windows in Portland, OR

Typically, there will be weather stripping and seals in place because these can help improve the efficiency of the windows. You want to inspect these for any damage thoroughly, and if you notice there are any worn, torn, ripped, or loose sections, be sure to replace them.

When You Need Expert Services and Quality Products, we are Here to Help

Caring for your windows is crucial, and they can pay for themselves over time with the proper care. Choosing replacement windows in Portland, OR, has one of the highest returns on investment of all upgrades you can do to your home, and if you need an expert at your side, we are here to help. Our team of professionals has been in business since 1979, focusing on providing exceptional services, so contact us today.

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