While any time of year is a good time to buy and install replacement windows, there are periods of the years that are perhaps more advantageous than are others. Here are some reasons why summertime is a great time for replacement windows in Portland, OR.

The Weather’s Balmy

Professional replacement window companies have skilled professionals who can install your new windows with little if any inconvenience to you regardless of the weather outside. But there’s no denying that everything will that much easier and proceed that much smoother if the temperature outside is warm rather than downright frigid. So if you have a need for replacement windows, it’s best to complete the project sooner rather than later so that you can beat the chill.

Avoid the Mess

Again, professional installers will take measures to ensure that your home is just as tidy after they leave as it was before they came. But during the fall you’ll get an abundance of rain and during the winter you’ll get an abundance of snow. This can make a mess of your home if it’s tracked indoors. If you are in the position to replace your Gladstone windows now when the weather is ideal, then it might make sense to do so. The last thing you want is to risk your hardwood floor or furniture getting exposed to the elements that get tracked in during the install.

Enjoy the Weather

Are your windows in need of replacement? If you install them during the summer period, you’ll be able to enjoy all the natural light you can handle, and special features that are available with quality windows will ensure that you’re not exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. So get your daily dose of vitamin C without having to worry about the health risks associated with over-exposure. That’s surely a good reason to get your replacement windows in Oregon put in during the summertime.

Cut Down on Utilities

Did you know that you can reduce your cooling bills during the summer and heating bills during the winter by installing replacement windows? Simply put, quality windows will serve as a formidable barrier that keeps the outside air from seeping into your residence. Without quality windows, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to compensate for any hot and humid air seeping in during the summer. And your furnace would have to huff and puff itself into exhaustion to compensate for cold and frosty air seeping inside your quarters during the winter.

Again, you can get Portland, OR replacement windows installed whenever you desire. And you can bet that at Kemp’s Windows Inc., we have the know-how to do the installation whether spring, summer, fall, or winter. Even so, summer is an ideal time for the above-mentioned reasons. If you’re looking to get replacement windows, call us at (503) 659-7587 or visit us at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. We also install what we sell, and our installers are AAMA certified. We’re here for you when you need us, so get in touch today.

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