Spring is a great time of year to get replacement windows for your home. While they can technically be installed at any time of year, springtime has some advantages over other seasons. The weather tends to be nice and balmy – not too hot and not too cold. But before you head to a Portland, OR replacement window store, there are some things to mull over.

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before kicking off your replacement window search.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s important that you determine exactly how much you can afford to spend on your replacement window project. But you’ll have a better overall buying experience if you don’t focus solely on price. If you don’t have all of the cash you need available, you can consult with a replacement window shop to explore your payment options. Chances are that something can be worked out so that you get the right windows for your home. Staff will find out what you want, ask the right questions, make appropriate suggestions, and help you to make the right choices.

How Many Windows Will You Replace?

You’ll also want to determine how many windows you plan to replace. Unless none of your windows have been replaced for a very long time, you probably won’t have to replace all of them at once. Jot down the number of windows you’ll need to replace. You’ll also want to write down the rooms these windows are in since some windows are better for certain rooms.

Where’s the Best Place for Windows?

Portland, OR with replacement windows

This is an important consideration. Going to the right replacement window shop will make for a more pleasant replacement window shopping experience. One word of advice is to stick to retailers that specialize in replacement windows. It might be tempting to go to a big box store, but you’ll get a better selection and find a more knowledgeable staff if you patronize a specialist.

What Extras Are Worthwhile?

There are certain extras that you should definitely select. So if a staff member asks if you want low-E coating on the glass, don’t hesitate to respond in the affirmative. This sort of coating will keep out harmful UV rays as well as keep the interior of your home more comfortable year-round. During the consultation, ask the staff about what options are really worth getting.

If you consider these questions before pursuing Portland, OR replacement windows, you’ll be in good shape. The thing with replacement windows is that when you need them, you need them. At Kemp’s Windows Inc., we specialize in providing and installing quality replacement windows for families in and around the areas. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best customer experience at all phases of the window buying process. We want your project to be a success! We’ll ensure you get quality windows and that your windows are installed correctly so that you and yours get all of the benefits from your replacement windows. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. And our installers have American Architectural Manufacturers Association certification, so you’ll be in good hands. We’re also a family owned and operated as well as a veteran owned and operated business. We’ll be honored to help you get the windows you need for your home. Call or visit us today for the help you require.

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