Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are just one part of your house, and they will need specialized care from time to time. This also applies to the exterior screens, which are a vital part of keeping your windows in the best shape possible, so we have gathered some helpful tips on caring for them to promote longevity and durability.

Why is the Maintenance Important?

In most cases, the screens you put on your windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind for maintenance, but they are essential to keeping your home in good shape. The screens are in place to help keep your home protected because they create a barrier between the interior and exterior.

They are also beneficial because they allow fresh air to come into the home without worrying about projectiles, insects, and debris getting inside your home. All of this can directly affect your belongings, such as furniture and any equipment you have, so keeping them maintained is an essential task.

How do You Care for the Screens?

A few things to consider when it comes to maintenance is that cleaning the screens can help improve the overall ventilation. It also keeps your home looking more aesthetically pleasing and helps create greater visibility for your exterior.

It is recommended to do the cleaning earlier in the day because when done in direct sun, it can be more challenging to see what needs to be completed. You will need a few essential items to do a proper cleaning, and they are:

A soft brush to remove any cobwebs or dust

The manufacturers recommended cleaner, or you might consider using a small amount of dish soap combined with water

Wet cloth along with a freshwater source

In most situations, the screen can be removed easily and freely, and it may need to be pried out from the top and down using a screwdriver. You can then use the brush to remove any debris like webbing and then wet a cloth and begin washing the entire screen.Replacement Windows in Portland, OR

Be mindful as you clean it to not press down too much on the meshing because it can rip and tear. You can then use the fresh water to rinse the entire area until there is no soap left, and make sure you set it in an area where it can dry.

You will also want to ensure you maintain the tracks, which can be vacuumed out unless there is a heavy buildup and may require some scrubbing. Following this up with regular window maintenance can also help create an easy schedule that will keep your windows and screens looking beautiful.

We Offer Professional Installations

Caring for your screens and replacement windows in Portland, OR, is done with some simple steps; there can be an essential part of the window’s health. And if you require a new installation, we are here to help. We are a locally owned company providing integrity and honesty for all our clients, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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