Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are just one option that can help enhance your home’s overall aesthetics and value. Storm doors can also help play a vital role in this, and it can be helpful to get some extra information about them. They offer many different benefits, so we have gathered some interesting facts and information about them in this article.

They Protect the Main Door

One of the first things to consider about your storm door is that it is in place to help protect the main exterior door of your home. The front door is not only a direct reflection of the style of the home, but it helps increase the safety and appeal of the house. Having a storm door in place can help reduce the amount of maintenance and potential damages that can happen to the front door, which makes it an integral part of the home.

Energy-Cost Reduction

Another fact and benefit that storm doors offer are that they help increase energy efficiency for the home. It’s been shown by the Department of Energy that a storm door can help reduce heat loss by almost 50%, depending on the material and quality of the door.

One thing to keep in mind if you are shopping for them is choosing one with glass may not be the best for energy efficiency. This is because they can trap UV rays between the glass and the door, creating a buildup of heat and moisture and damaging the door.

Added Security

Security might be a primary concern for some people, and a storm door can help enhance the system you already have. Having this additional door on top of the front can be a deterrent because it is an extra barrier that intruders would have to overcome.

Help Keep Your Home Cleaner

There are many ways for debris, dirt, and even insects to get into your home, and a storm door can help prevent some of this. Choosing a versatile door that offers a screen option can help reduce the number of allergens and insects that can get into the home and cause potential damage to your internal belongings.

Increase Value in the Home

The last thing to consider is that a high-quality storm door can also increase the overall value of the home. This is because it becomes a permanent addition, offers protection for the main door and interior of the house, and can help create a unique aesthetic.Replacement Windows in Portland, OR

Exceptional Services and Care

As you can see, storm doors offer many different benefits and can be a great addition to any home. They offer increased security and energy efficiency and can give you peace of mind knowing that your front door is more protected.

Choosing to invest in your home may involve replacement windows in Portland, OR, and if you’re looking for an expert installation, we would love to help you. We are locally owned and have been serving our communities since 1979 with professional and expert installations, so contact us today.

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