The fact is, as a homeowner, you want to find the highest quality improvements for your home. Whether this consists of replacement windows in Portland, OR, or finding new siding, they can both provide a high-quality improvement to your overall property value. Cement siding is one of the exterior options available on the market, so there is more information.

What are the Details of Cement Siding?

Cement siding is one of the more overlooked options available on the market, and it is the only choice that has cement material in it promoting more durability. It is generally made of cellulose fibers, sand, fly ash, and cement and traditionally comes in horizontal boards or board sheets. In some situations, you can get it in shingles, but they can be more difficult to apply if you have no experience with them.

The boards will be installed overlapping one another and will be between 5 to 12 inches, depending on the project’s needs. The thickness will vary, and the boards are more customizable because they can come in up to 22 different colors to choose from.

What are the Pros?

Because cement siding comes in so many different types and colors, it offers an extensive array of variety for any property owner. It also comes in an option that looks like wood, so it can benefit anyone looking for a finish that mimics that texture.

With all the testing done, it is one of the most fire-resistant options on the market, with it being less flammable than other choices. This means that if the building is on fire, it gives more time for individuals to escape the area.

The material is also highly resistant to bugs, eliminating the need for exterminators, meaning more time and money in the homeowner’s pocket. It’s also popular due to its ability to be painted, and due to its thickness, it has more durability than other products.

What are the Cons?

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One of the biggest drawbacks to the cement siding is that it is difficult to apply to the property. It’s a heavier option which means it often will need two people to help with the installation process, and it can break easily if not handled appropriately. It does come at a higher cost due to installation difficulty, so it’s good to understand a budget before purchasin

Experience Creates the Process

Cement siding can be a great addition to your home, promoting durability and flexibility for colors and style. It’s essential to make sure that the products you are picking are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer functionality that will increase your overall curb appeal.

Kemp’s Windows Inc. has been in business since 1979, providing the highest quality installation services on the market. We pride ourselves on putting our community first and specialize in multiple options, including siding and replacement windows in Portland, OR. Choosing new upgrades doesn’t have to be a confusing process, and we would love to help make your next project an easier one. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today to get started.

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