Owning a home comes with multiple responsibilities, and part of those can include purchasing replacement windows in Portland, OR. There are other options available, like new doors or installing a garden window for your home. These windows are built to stand out from the house and serve as a space to hold decorative items such as plants or trinkets. They have glass on all sides of them and are often found in the sink area of a kitchen.

Garden Window Facts

Have you wanted to have a space to create a small garden but not wish to have it outside? The garden window might be precisely what you are looking for. They are the perfect choice for letting in lighter and offering a space to store your favorite items or grow a small herb garden.

There are multiple options available on the market and can range from a contemporary look to two more streamlined and versatile choices. In some cases, you can apply extra shelving to help separate your decorative options or any plants or herbs you have decided to grow in the area.

This style comes with the option of installing an awning-style window for more airflow. Other options include casement windows and vertical sliders to enhance the window’s function. They offer different decorative qualities and energy efficiency due to adding extra insulation around the edges of the windows.

They come in multiple choices but are generally made from a vinyl-free material that is highly durable, promoting longevity and saving you time and money. There are also aluminum options that are painted, or powder coated to help match your home’s color scheme.

Wood is another choice and offers one of the highest aesthetic qualities out of all the materials, but they are limited in availability to be more costly. Wood is also a heavier material that will create a more complex installation process and need general maintenance.


The glass can be easily maintained with a simple solution of dish detergent in some warm water. With each cleaning, you’ll want to ensure that you are vacuuming out the window frame, and we recommend using a squeegee to help prevent streaks on the glass.replacement windows for your Portland, OR

For exterior cleaning, the same rule applies with the solution, and we recommend wiping down the frames and the glass to prevent the buildup of algae and mold.

A Community Based Company

Garden windows are the perfect option to create a space in your home that offers an area to work on housing any plants or favorite decorations you may want to have on display. The first step is to understand your choices and find a professional and experienced company to offer you the support you need.

Kemp’s Windows Inc. takes pride in providing the highest quality customer service and materials on the market, and we work hard for our local communities. If you’re looking forreplacement windows in Portland, OR, combined with high-quality installation, give us a call today to set up your free consultation.

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