Companies have been trying to find more energy-efficient methods for people’s homes, and one of those ways is double and triple-pane windows. Not only do they have coatings like Low-E for energy efficiency, but they have a type of gas they put in between the glass to help create more utility savings. When looking for replacement windows in Portland, OR you might be wondering what the gas is and how it performs with the window, so here is more information.

Gas Filler 

The gases that are placed inside the window are meant to improve their efficiency. Argon or Krypton are slow-moving work to minimize flow within the window, reducing transfers or heat loss. There are ways to tell if your windows have the gases based on the tag or your work order.

The label can usually be found along the bottom of the window track. In addition, there may be holes where the gas has been inserted and another one for air to exit. These gases are the most used by distributors and are used as a replacement for the error.


Argon is non-toxic, odorless, and transparent and has a thermal conductivity rate of 67%. These reasons alone make it inexpensive and a great option to use as a filler.


This other alternative is like argon, accept that it works better as an insulator but is more expensive. Looking at functionality and affordability might be your priority, so argon is a better choice based on the overall cost. Still, in some cases, the two gases can be mixed depending on the manufacturer.

Do They Leak?

There is a possibility that they will leak as time goes on but only at 1% per year. This is also dependent on how high quality the window is, how it was installed, and the home’s location. Factors like altitude and how much sun the windows get will also affect the performance.

The national glass association has stated that if at least 80% of the gas is in the window, it can be effective for over 20 years.replacement windows in Portland, OR

On the other hand, if leaking is extensive, a replacement may be required much sooner. One indicator is condensation, or the glass is foggy; this means the gas has been replaced with air with moisture. If you find moisture, you will want to reach out to the manufacturer since they have specialized equipment to detect leaks. There have been minute experiences where the window has broken due to pressurization issues and elevation changes, but the investment is still worth it because this situation is scarce.

A Trusted Company 

By understanding how your window functions, you can make a better purchasing decision to increase your home’s efficiency. Kemp’s Windows Inc. is locally owned and operated and offers 40 years of customer service that you can depend on. We offer the highest quality products on the market and want to help you find a product you are proud of. If you are looking for replacement windows in Portland, OR, give us a call today to set up your free estimate.

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