Before you go out shopping for Portland, OR replacement windows you need to consider different factors. Since this might be your first window replacement project, you may be overwhelmed with the idea of choosing a replacement window that enhances your interior décor, helps lower your energy bills, and provides security. Not to mention that window replacement projects are often not as cheap as you would expect. Here are a few things you need to look for when buying replacement windows.

Visit A Replacement Window Showroom Or the Manufacturer’s Website

Visit a replacement windows showroom or window manufacturer’s website to get a rough idea about what styles and sizes of replacement windows you prefer. But while browsing the available options, you need to remember that there are no standard sizes for replacement windows. That means you can’t buy the window you like without knowing your window measurements. While you may have experience measuring different things in your home, it’s more advisable to allow a free site review by your chosen replacement window seller.

What Happens During A Free Site Review?

A free site review is just another term for a free consultation but it involves a project specialist visiting your home. The specialist asks about your particular requirements and shows you the most favorable options for your home. Not all windows in your home have the same requirements. For example, old windows positioned on a wall exposed to maximum sunlight during the summer have different requirements compared to a window positioned in a shaded part of your home. Problems such as rotted or warped window frames can also be identified during this site visit. After analyzing everything, the replacement window specialist will give you an estimate of what your window replacement project will cost.

Consider The Framing Materials

Choosing the right framing materials should be mostly about function rather than just aesthetics. For better insulation, the right material used to construct the frame of your window should be wood or fiberglass. A more affordable option is vinyl but that doesn’t mean that vinyl does not provide adequate insulation. Aluminum provides less insulation but is durable and inexpensive. Consider the climate in your area when consulting a window replacement specialist. You may not need a replacement window that provides maximum insulation if you live in an area with a mild climate for most of the year. That means that in some instances buying replacementPortland, OR replacement windows windows made from aluminum may make more sense than buying windows that provide maximum insulation.

Double Pane Windows Provide More Insulation

Double and triple-pane windows provide more insulation than single-pane options. They are not just great at insulation because of the number of panes but also because of the inert gasses that are injected between the panes. Argon gas and Krypton gas are used because they are not reactive, are non-toxic, clear, and have no smell.

If you are concerned about the budget for Portland, OR windows, come to our showroom or call us so that we can help you calculate an estimate.

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