When you need replacement windows and have a modest budget, you will want to look at your options. Make sure that you have vinyl windows on your shortlist. Vinyl windows are pretty economical when compared with other kinds of windows. They are also aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. This means you are able to save cash on vinyl windows and then save money on your energy bills. But what are the most energy efficient vinyl replacement windows in Portland, OR? While there are lots of options out there, here’s a look at the best ones.

Awning Windows

These windows feature hinges on the top. Awning windows actually open outward rather than inward using a cranking mechanism. If you close awning windows, the hinged component of the window presses down firmly against the frame. You will not need to be concerned about air leakage troubles, meaning awning windows are particularly energy efficient. Awning windows are also useful when it comes to airflow. It’s important that you get airflow into your home so that you and yours are not breaking in stale air. So you can consider getting awning windows in areas of your home where you need better ventilation.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are very energy efficient. The reason for this is that they cannot be opened at all. There is no opening mechanism, so they are totally airtight. Many people install these sorts of windows as a part of a cluster of windows where a fixed window is positioned next to one or more windows that can be opened and closed. If you want to let more light into your home, consider installing some fixed windows, which are also called picture windows.

replacement windows in Portland, OR

Casement Windows

Just like awning windows, casement windows are excellent in if you want better ventilation. The sashes on such windows press down snuggly against the frame, so they’re very airtight. This can lead to lower energy costs. Homeowners usually mount casement windows above the kitchen sinks or other areas where a great deal of ventilation is needed. Casement windows usually cost more than, say, double hung windows. The reason for the cost difference is that the opening and closing mechanism on casement windows is more complex.

Vinyl windows are certainly a great choice if you need to replace your current windows. If you’re looking to get replacement windows for your Portland, OR, get in touch for the help you need. We sell various kinds and styles of windows. And, yes, offer quality vinyl windows at competitive prices. You deserve the best products and services on the market. We’re a family owned and operated business that is insured, bonded, and licensed. Our installers are certified professionals who will ensure your windows are put in the right way the first time around. That way, you’ll get all of the benefits you paid for. When you need new windows, take the time to do some research. It would be unwise to believe that all replacement window shops are the same. We’re here for you when you need us, so visit our showroom or give us a call.

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