After you visit a replacement window store, set an appointment for an in-home visit, and then order what you want, you’ll need to get the replacement windows installed. The company will let you know when the windows are ready and will then set up the installation date so that your Portland, OR replacement windows get put in. So that things go smoothly for you on installation day, here’s a look at how to get ready for the installation of your new windows.

Make Sure You Get Professionals to Do the Work

If you’re going to spend money on replacement windows, you might as well spend a bit more to get them professionally installed. The replacement window retailer you patronize will usually be able to install them for you. If you get non-professionals to do the work, you’ll run the risk of costly mistakes. And if there are mistakes that need to be remedied, you may find that the warranty was violated by your getting the windows installed by non-professionals.

Take Time Off Work

You or someone else in your family will need to be home on the installation date. The company should be able to give you a ballpark figure for how long the job will take, but there’s no telling what they might uncover when they set out to remove your old windows. It’s best, to avoid frustration, to simply take the day off and concentrate on getting the windows installed.

Clear the Work Area

Clear the areas where the installers will be putting in replacement windows. If they have to move sofas, chairs, or other things, you can bet that the installation project will take longer. You also have to consider that some companies will not allow their workers to lift furniture out of the way. So be sure that any obstructions are cleared so that the installers can work unimpeded.

Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Way

While you no doubt love your little ones and pets, you need to ensure they don’t get in the way during the installation. You don’t want to endanger their safety. But if they’re allowed to run around and to interfere with the installers, they could put themselves in unsafe situations. At the very least, your kids and pets could slow down the installers. And that’s not what you – or they – want.

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