How much do you know about replacement windows in Portland, OR? It’s easy to take them for granted until the ones you have in your home start to fail. But if there are issues with your old and aging windows, you’ll start to realize just how important quality windows really are. When going to a replacement window shop to look at your replacement options, you’ll see different types, styles, and colors. You’ll certainly see lots of double hung windows. One reason they’re so prevalent is that they offer so many benefits that may be of interest to you.

What follows is a look at what you need to know about double hung windows before you select windows for your home.

They’re Very Common

Double hung windows are the most traditional window design type available. So you’ll find them at any replacement window showroom you should happen to visit. Should you need to repair anything, you won’t have issues finding parts.

They’re Easy to Clean

Another benefit of double hung windows is that they’re easy to clean. The reason for this is that both sashes on these types of windows tilt inward, which makes cleaning them a breeze. In fact, double hung windows can be easily cleaned whether from inside your home or outside your home.

Energy Efficient

Double hung windows are also energy efficient. This is especially the case if you opt for low-E glass, which is a coating that is applied to the glass to keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, and inert gas fills, which is a special gas inserted between the panes of glass to add more insulation properties.


These types of windows also afford a high level of ventilation, which is a bonus no matter what room in your home you’re talking about. For the best in ventilation, you can open both sashes. One sash will let the fresh air in while the other will let the stale air out.

replacement windows in Portland, OR


Are you interested in getting replacement windows but also want to be able to add a window-mounted air conditioner during the summer? You’ll be able to do so with double hung windows. They will make it easy to add an air conditioner, and removing them ahead of the fall or winter will be just as easy. You won’t have this benefit if you get most other types of windows.

Of course, you will find more than just double hung windows when you visit a Portland, OR replacement windows showroom. You’ll find lots of different kinds of windows. And while you will have a wide selection of windows to choose from, there may be times will some types of windows are better for certain rooms in your home than are other types of windows. When you go to a window showroom, you’ll be able to see products up close and personal. And the staff members there will answer your questions, make recommendations, and help you through the buying process. You might be wondering what you should be looking for in a replacement window store? Look for one that is family owned and operated, fully bonded, licensed, and insured. It’s also a good idea to find a store that has installers who have earned American Architectural Manufacturers Association certification. This will ensure your windows are installed properly.

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