You can improve the flare of your home with Portland, OR’s replacement windows that come with black frames. Black frames are the pinnacle of home design right now but that doesn’t mean they are a passing fad. They have been popular since the nineteenth century but have mostly been used in commercial buildings. Now they are increasingly showing up in residential properties. Here are some of the reasons why black window frames are so popular.

They Work Well With Any Neutral Or Bold Color Scheme

Black windows coordinate with neutral or bold colors to create a dramatic effect on your home’s aesthetics that draws people’s attention. You can use these windows in a modern or traditional home without your home losing its identity. Black works with a variety of styles and materials and looks great with both dark and light-colored walls. It is this versatility that makes it such a popular choice for people who are replacing their old windows.

Black Frames Your Outside View

Black windows just improve your experience when you are peering out of your window. The black window creates an optical illusion where the window sashes disappear as you focus your attention on the outside scenery. You don’t get this effect with white windows or windows of any other color.

You Don’t Need Window Treatments

Windows often look naked if they do not have window treatments, but that is not often the case with black windows. The black window frame already creates a statement and adds elegance to your window making it unnecessary to use window coverings. But you can always install window treatments on your black window if you are concerned about privacy. Choose window treatments that can be opened fully so that they are not visible from the outside.

They Enhance Curb Appeal

Black window frames catch the attention of people walking past your home. Curb appeal increases the value of your home, which is really important if you are thinking of listing your home. Black window frames make it easier to stage your home and improve your chances of getting an offer on your house.

Consider These Factors With Black Window Frames

When choosing black window frames, consider whether they go well with both interior and exterior design features. Make sure they match with the interior color pallet and floor plan as well as the exterior walls and other outdoor elements. Another thing to consider is complementing your black windows with iron or steel items, picture frames, dark countertops, and other interior design elements.Portland, OR replacement windows

Best Materials For Black Windows

If you are looking for something affordable, consider windows made from materials such as aluminum or vinyl. Aluminum needs a lot of maintenance and is not energy efficient, unlike vinyl which is both easy to maintain and energy-efficient. Other materials include steel, fiberglass, and even wood.

Our Portland, OR windows come in various designs, sizes, and quality. Visit our showroom and let our staff help you pick the right black windows for your home.

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