It’s understandable if you want to save a bit of money with your purchases as a consumer, but it’s not always a good idea to buy the cheapest option available whether it be paint, carpets, or replacement windows. This is especially the case if you’re buying from a generalist store that does not focus on quality replacement windows in the first place. When it comes for window replacement in Portland, OR, be careful where you shop and be mindful about buying bottom-basement priced products from vendors who do not specialize in the product category.

Buying the lowest-cost items from specialty stores is a different matter since their focus on windows means that they only stock quality. But you’ll need to be mindful of focusing only on getting the lowest cost if you buy from a store that sells hundreds of different kinds of products. Here’s why.

Low Quality

If you buy replacement windows that are really cheap, you will likely be giving up something in terms of quality. The old adage that you get what you paid for is oh so true. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy products at the upper price point, but you should be wary about buying products at the lowest price point from a generalist shop. This is especially the case when the price seems to be too good to be true. The cheapest replacement windows from unproven brands tend to be of lower quality. And if you’ll have to replace them sooner than normal, you might end up paying about the same as you would have if you’d gone with a costlier model from a reputable manufacturer. This is something to keep in mind.

Limited Warranty

Yes, you may get a warranty on the cheapest of replacement windows. But you can be sure that the warranty will be limited in its scope and its duration. The reason is simple. Companies that churn out low-quality windows for mass consumption are not going to offer great warranties. Also keep in mind that reputable replacement window companies will tend to offer top brands. So the various products that reputable replacement window businesses sell feature the sort of quality where you won’t have to worry about possibly getting something of low quality.

Less Protection

If you have really cheap replacement windows from a generalist seller, you might not be able to depend on them providing the sort of protection against the elements that you need. Sure, they might look the part, but can you be sure that they will perform at a high level? The answer is no.

You should definitely keep your budget in mind when looking for Portland, OR window replacement. But that doesn’t mean paying a superficially low price someplace for windows from a store that sells not only windows, but also toilets, lumber, power tools, and other product categories. For the best replacement windows, reasonable prices, and helpful staff, contact us at Kemp’s Windows Inc. Located at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267, we have what you need. You can reach us by phone at (503) 659-7587 or visit our showroom when you want to talk replacement windows for your home. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. And our installers are AAMA certified, which means that your quality windows will be put in by skilled professionals.

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