When the time comes to get replacement windows in Portland, OR, your best option is to carefully consider your options. That’s why a visit to a replacement window showroom is in order. You’ll get to see products, compare different types of windows, learn about what makes windows energy efficient, the difference frame materials make, and more.

One type of window you should consider is the egress window. What is it? What are the benefits? These are just some of the questions you may have. What follows is a look at the answers to these questions.

What is it?

An egress window is manufactured to be big enough so that an adult can enter through it or exit through it in instances such as emergencies. What this means is that the openable space has to be 5.7 square feet, which is enough for adults to get through.

What are the Benefits?

Safety: As was mentioned previously, egress windows are designed to be large enough to allow an adult to get inside out outside of a house through the egress windows. So a primary benefit of egress windows is safety. Also consider that such windows in Portland, OR will also allow emergency officials — whether police, firemen, or other professionals — to access the home in an emergency situation. Do you have a basement? You need egress windows down there, especially if it serves as a living space or is regularly used for other purposes. In an emergency, it might not be possible to scale the steps to the main floor, so egress windows can be helpful as a mode of escape for anyone who is in the basement.

Ventilation: Ventilation in a basement is critical. Without it, there will be stale air, which is not beneficial to anyone’s health. You can use an egress window to provide enough ventilation since it will allow fresh air into the basement area. Also consider that this can help to prevent problems like mildew and mold — issues that can lead to damage that is costly to fix as well as possibly lead to serious health problems. By installing one or more egress windows in your basement, you can prevent any negative issues from materializing.

Natural Light: Because egress windows are relatively large as far as residential Oregon replacement windows go, they will allow a lot of natural light into your home. This will further your daylighting goals so that you get enough natural light during the day. And when natural light floods into your home, you won’t have to turn on any lights. You’ll also experience health benefits since getting enough natural light during the morning period will allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

Whether you want egress windows or any other type, you can trust Kemp’s Windows Inc. for the best in Portland, OR replacement windows. You can reach us by phone at (503) 659-7587 or stop by our showroom at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured in both Oregon and Washington. We also install what we sell, and our installers are AAMA certified. Let us help you get the windows you need for your home.

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