Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are something that will need to be installed over time in any home, but how do you know which ones are right and are considered a durable choice? You want to pick a product that’s going to be long-lasting and stand up through the years from the external elements, so here are some different materials to choose from to help you make the right decision.


Wood was one of the first types of materials used for individuals; when homes first started being built, there’s a reason for this. One thing that will need to be considered is if it’s left untreated or unprotected, it can be more susceptible to exterior elements, but if the exterior is covered with vinyl or aluminum, this can add protection to keep it safe from the elements and prevent infestations or rotting.

Wood is generally the most expensive option out of these choices, but it’s also customizable and can come in many colors to help match your home’s aesthetics.


Composite is another option that’s become available, and it is made from fiberglass or other materials that have been combined. In most cases, it will not need to be painted or stained. It may have solid or laminate wood or even plastic with wood fibers embedded in it. It gives it a solid look and creates strong durability that you can depend on through its lifetime.


Vinyl is the most affordable option out of all the different choices and traditionally comes in white. Some options come in a few interior or exterior colors and may even have a wood finish. This option cannot be customized with stain or paint, but they have less hardware required than other frame options.

Window Types

The window type you choose is also necessary because there are different panes and designs, which will also affect the durability of the overall window.

Double-hung is one of the most common types installed since the 1980s, and they have a lower sash that slides up with an outer that slides down, offering better air circulation. They’re also easier to maintain and clean because of the way the window tilts and work well if you’re planning on having an air conditioner.

Awning style is another common option, but the difference is they are hinged at the top and will open in an outward motion. These are similar to the casement style that has an unobstructed view and will open outward with a crank.Replacement windows in Portland, OR

Professional and Trusted Services

Installing replacement windows in Portland, OR, doesn’t have to be complicated when you’re working with local experts, so we are here to help. We have been in business since 1979 with a focus on caring for our community and offering exceptional services that our clients can count on. We are family-owned and operated and would love to support you through the installation process, so if you have any questions or need a schedule or an appointment, contact us today.

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