Replacement windows in Portland, OR, can be an excellent investment that leads to a long-term in the value of your home. The same concept goes for other installations like storm windows because these also contribute to the health of your residence and the aesthetics. This means taking the time to care for them properly to keep them in great condition, so here are some considerations and tips about storm door care.

Maintaining the Frame

Storm doors can come in multiple materials, including aluminum, steel, vinyl, and wood. Each one of these will have a different set of maintenance that needs to be done on them a regular basis, and in most cases, taking the time to use a cleaner that works on multiple surfaces may be all you need. If there’s a buildup of dirt and grime, you can use warm water in dish soap solution making the process easier.

If you have a wood storm door, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer to see what they suggest for cleaning and regular maintenance of this material.

Glass Care

The glass can vary depending on the door model you choose, and a screen may not be applied to the glass, which can make the process easier. If you have a full glass storm door, the panel may be able to be removed to make the cleaning process easier.

If you do have a screen on the exterior can make it more complicated, but, in most cases, a simple glass cleaner with a lint-free cloth will work well for cleaning the entire glass section. If you want to avoid streaks, it can be helpful not to completely dry the whole area. You also want to avoid using any scrapers or cleaners that are abrasive because they can damage the traditional coating that is on the glass.


The last consideration for keeping your storm door maintenance is checking any attached hardware. This could include the handle and latches. It is good to understand what kind of material your handle is made of because, in many cases, the handle sets may be made of solid brass and have a clear coat protecting them.

Over time the coating can wear down and cause damage to the material, so it can be helpful to use a polish or check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend for cleaning products.Replacement Windows in Portland, OR

Expert Care when it Comes to Your Doors and Windows

Your storm doors need regular maintenance just like any other part of your home; when you have a regular schedule, this can make the process easier. Choosing products that are easy to maintain and are the right fit for your home is essential, so if you are looking for replacement windows in Portland, OR, we are your trusted experts. We have been in business since 1979, providing exceptional care for our community so contact us today if you have any questions or more information.

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