Replacement windows in Portland, OR, are a great choice if you are living with frames and glass that are old and outdated. But if you have newer windows and are looking to find ways to make them more secure, there are many great options available to utilize. We want you to feel as safe as possible, so we have created this helpful guide listing all the different options to choose from.

Add in an Alarm

One of the first items that individuals will use when they want to enhance their living spaces is by adding an alarm system. Some options available can be placed on the windowsill, and they are magnetized, so if the window is open without the homeowner knowing it, the alarm will sound when the magnet is disconnected from the sensor.

Enhanced Locks

There are also multiple locks that you can have installed on the window, and they all have different benefits and can be specified for certain kinds of windows. In most cases, they will be adjustable and have an easy installation, making them a versatile and excellent enhancement option.

Window Films

Window films are another excellent choice because they can offer an impact-resistant surface. The material is installed over the glass and is designed to hold it in place after the impact. This means that if someone is trying to enter the residence, getting in will be a longer and more complicated process, giving the homeowner more time to call for help.

Upgrade the Windows

The other option is to pick windows that are specifically for security reasons and have features already designed into them period two of the most popular choices for this are:


The casement windows have been a popular option for contemporary houses because Of their aesthetic. They are also hinged at the side of the frame and have a lock operated by hand that can only be accessed from the interior. They are also in a hook shape, making them incredibly difficult to damage or break. The main drawback with this type of window is that it doesn’t work well in areas with a lot of bushes or plants around the window space because it opens in an outward motion.

Double-hungReplacement Windows in Portland, OR

Double hung is another popular choice because they are not only flexible but built for safety and also one of the easier models to use. The system is designed to have pressure and specific points that keeps them aligned more easily, making it more difficult to open them from the outside.

Our Company Offers Exceptional and Trusted Services

These are just a few ways to enhance the effectiveness of your window safety, and if you need professional installation for your replacement windows in Portland, OR, we are here to help. Our company is locally owned and has been providing expert care since 1979 that our clients know and trust, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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