You generally know when it’s time to upgrade your windows and doors because of the poor insulating properties of your home. If you struggle to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the various rooms of your home, and your indoor climate control is at the mercy of the weather outside, then it may be time to consider how to fix the problem. Buying replacement windows and doors in Oregon City, OR doesn’t need to be a daunting task, as long as you have the right company to help you out. Kemp’s Windows Inc. has decades of experience in the Pacific Northwest doing just that. We know and understand which products stand up to the weather patterns that we all experience in this area.

Ever since we started this business in 1979, we’ve always made it a priority to take care of our customers. After all, in the beginning, they were our friends and neighbors! That practice has proven to be among the best choices we’ve ever made because word started to spread that we take the business of windows and doors seriously. We care about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of those who trust us to take care of their window and door needs.

Benefits of Replacement Windows and Doors in Oregon City, OR

Unless your window is outright broken and your home is exposed to the outside world, you can take a bit more time to educate yourself about the products that are in the market today. Modern window technology has progressed leaps and bounds over recent decades, and the results speak for themselves. Highly energy efficient solutions have emerged and become standard in almost all reputable products. This efficiency leads to energy and monetary savings, which are both good for the planet and your wallet!

Other benefits of replacement windows and doors in Oregon City, OR is the bolstered property valuations that often occur when good quality window and door products are part of a home. People value these upgrades, and it can help as a good selling point when the time comes. We should also mention the improved safety and security of modern window products. Laminated glass is an excellent deterrent to burglars and others that may try to intrude. It acts as a membrane of sorts, overlaying your glass and preventing shattered glass from crumbling. It’s tough to get through in a hurry, which is why it’s effective against smash and grab invasions. Also, window and door hardware have dramatically improved. These days, it is much more solid and secure, making it highly unlikely that locks will be picked or windows jimmied or pried open. A good defense goes a long way in protecting your home and family.

Glass technology has advanced as well. Low-E coatings provide UV shielding that helps prevent sun damage to your furniture and carpets. But, the coating does not prevent natural sunlight from entering and brightening your home. Sunlight is an excellent booster to the ambient mood and feel of your home’s open spaces. It also serves as a wonderful disinfectant to any of the dark corners of a basement or enclosed space where mildew may want to grow.

Window and Door Customization Options

As the industry has developed in the last decade or two, it became clear that our customers want more input to the design features and architectural styles of their windows and doors. As a result, you can now create highly customized options to meet your preferences, without sacrificing any product quality. This process means you can choose the colors of your window frames, the material that you prefer, such as vinyl, wood, composite, etc. It also means that you can fit odd windows to exact size specifications at an affordable price. Other customizations may include decorative features and details that you would like to have built into your new window and door products. The possibilities are almost infinite!

Scheduling a Consultation

Kemp’s Windows Inc. has some of the best window and door specialists in the business. We would be happy to come to your home to talk with you about your particular needs. We can help you think through the details of replacing your current windows and doors, and can even take measurements to provide you a quote. There is no obligation to this consultation and no pressure to buy. It’s simply an opportunity for you to ask questions you need answered and gives you the chance to interview us to make sure our company is the right fit to help you solve your problem. So, if you’re looking for replacement windows and doors in Oregon City, OR, why not give us a call? Kemp’s Windows Inc. is located at 16107 SE Mcloughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97267. You can reach us at (503) 659-7587 to schedule a time to talk.

Oregon Replacement Windows Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a window style for my home?

Whether you are thinking of replacing your windows, do the calculations to see how much new units will cost. The process of deciding which windows to install in your home can be complicated, but it can be broken down into four steps: content, window style, glass kit, and budget.

What type of window lasts the longest?

Quality, handmade wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows will all last for years if properly maintained.

  • Wood windows are known for their longevity.
  • Fiberglass replacement windows seem to be the most durable choice available, with a reputation for resistance to extreme temperatures.

Which windows are better vinyl or aluminum?

Aluminum is a tougher and more durable than vinyl, and its structural strength provides structural benefits. Aluminum windows are stronger than vinyl windows and are the best choice if you want a window with more glass or protection from the elements.

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