Top Contractors for Replacement Windows and Doors in Portland, OR

The quality of your contractor will have a direct impact on the results that are installed in your home. If you are preparing to install replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR, then it is essential that you meet with a contractor before choosing the details for the project. Our team at Kemp’s Windows Inc. will schedule a consultation to inspect the windows that will be replaced and learn more about your preferences.

At Kemp’s Windows Inc., we have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our team is dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer. The business has grown over the years as customers continue coming back for repeat business and refer their friends and family to our services. We are working hard to ensure the highest levels of quality on every project.

Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Where should you look when it is time to choose a contractor for the project? An online search will help you identify local businesses that offer the services that you need. Not only can you find more information on the company website, but it can be helpful to read reviews on other websites to learn more about the business. This information will shed light on the quality that you can expect when you choose the contractor to complete the work.

A local windows and doors contractor is usually the best option so that you can avoid unnecessary fees for transportation and other costs. Additionally, our local company understands the unique considerations that need to be addressed for homes located in the Pacific Northwest. We will help you choose the right materials that will hold up in all weather conditions.

Why You Need Replacement Windows and Doors in Portland, OR

How do you know when you should invest in these home renovations? Most homeowners don’t know a lot about the industry. So, the simplest solution is to schedule an appointment for our team to come to your home to complete an inspection.

We are looking for several signs that you aren’t receiving optimal performance from your doors and windows:

  • Broken Frames or Glass: Visible damage to the frames or glass is a sure sign that you need to invest in new doors and windows as soon as possible. Even if the damage seems minimal, don’t assume that these problems aren’t impacting the performance of the materials. These issues are probably impacting the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, the damage can lead to bigger problems in the future with water damage, mold growth, rotting wood, and more.
  • Thermal Transfer and Drafty Air: It is common for old materials to bring in the drafty air from outside. Even the smallest drafts can add up to increase your utility bills over the year. When the weather turns cold, those cold temperatures will come inside through the outdated doors and windows. Then, the heater needs to turn on frequently to overcome this thermal transfer. This problem can be eliminated by installing energy efficient replacement materials.
  • Wear and Tear: Do the doors and windows look old and run down? If wear and tear are taking a toll on your property, then it is time to discuss your options with our team. These renovations will modernize the appearance of your home.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to invest in replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR. If you are considering these upgrades, then we are here to help. Call Kemp’s Windows Inc. to learn more about your options.

Financial Benefits of New Doors and Windows

Don’t let your judgment be clouded by the initial costs for materials and installation. Instead, focus on the long-term financial benefits that will be enjoyed by your family. These replacement doors and windows can have a significant impact on your home, helping you enjoy benefits for years to come.

When you improve the quality of your home, your property value will go up. You can ask a higher price tag before you sell so that there is more equity to use for the purchase of another property. Home renovations are considered an investment due to the financial benefits when you sell the property.

Additionally, it is nice to manage your monthly spending by decreasing the cost of your utility bills. Energy efficiency upgrades will help to reduce the energy that is used every month. As a result, your utility bills will go down.

Complimentary Consultation for Your Family

Are you interested in more information about replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR? Then you need to schedule a free consultation with our team at Kemp’s Windows Inc. We invite you to visit our nearby showroom to see the materials that are available: 16107 SE Mcloughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97267. Or, call if you prefer to have a consultation in your home: (503) 659-7587

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