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Get the highest quality windows, doors, and sidings for your Portland, Oregon home. We proudly offer key, local brands of windows, doors, and siding that offer superior quality and workmanship. Call (503) 659-7587 and Schedule a FREE Estimate Today!

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Replacement windows in Portland, OR

The quality of your contractor will have a direct impact on the results that are installed in your home. If you are preparing to install replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR, then it is essential that you meet with a contractor before choosing the details for the project. Our team at Kemp’s Windows Inc. will schedule a consultation to inspect the windows that will be replaced and learn more about your preferences.

At Kemp’s Windows Inc., we have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our team is dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer. The business has grown over the years as customers continue coming back for repeat business and refer their friends and family to our services. We are working hard to ensure the highest levels of quality on every project.

Replacing your windows can improve the look of your home, keep energy bills down, and add value to your home.

This article provides 13 tips on how to find the best window replacement in Portland, Oregon.

1. Get Referrals from Friends or Family – The best way to find a window replacement service is by asking friends or family who have recently done a window replacement project.

2. Read Reviews Online – Online reviews are a great way to get an idea of which company might be best suited for your needs and any potential pitfalls that may arise during the process.

3. Check Professional Associations – Professional associations like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau can be helpful when researching potential window replacement services.

4. Ask about Insurance & Licensing – Make sure any contractors you hire are licensed and insured in case of any damages or injuries that may occur while the work is being done.

5. Research Types of Windows Available – There are many types of windows to choose from, so it is important to research what would work best for your needs before making a decision.

6. Consider Energy Efficiency Ratings – Energy efficiency ratings are important when choosing a window replacement service as they determine how much money you will save on energy bills over time.

7. Ask about Warranties & Guarantees – Warranties and guarantees can help protect against potential future issues with installation or materials used in construction.

8. Get Price Estimates From Multiple Companies – Get price estimates from multiple companies when looking for window replacements to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

9. Look Into Installation Processes & Timelines – Different contractors use different installation processes, so ask questions about timelines and methods to avoid unexpected delays.

10. Talk To Past Customers For Feedback – It’s important to ask about installation timelines and methods prior to signing a contract.

11. Check For BBB Accreditation – Checking with BBB accreditation prior signing off on a contract gives an additional layer of protection against potential scams. However, this doesn’t always guarantee quality results.

12. Make Sure They Use Quality Materials – Quality materials and tools are important for achieving quality results in construction projects.

13. Don’t Forget To Negotiate On Price – Negotiating helps ensure everyone involved in a project is satisfied with the end result and keeps costs reasonable.

Why You Need Replacement Windows and Doors in Portland, OR

How do you know when you should invest in these home renovations? Most homeowners don’t know a lot about the industry. So, the simplest solution is to schedule an appointment for our team to come to your home to complete an inspection.

We are looking for several signs that you aren’t receiving optimal performance from your doors and windows:

We are looking for several signs that you aren’t receiving optimal performance from your doors and windows:

Portland Replacement Windows And Doors

  • Broken Frames or Glass: Visible damage to the frames or glass is a sure sign that you need to invest in new doors and windows as soon as possible. Even if the damage seems minimal, don’t assume that these problems aren’t impacting the performance of the materials. These issues are probably impacting the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, the damage can lead to bigger problems in the future with water damage, mold growth, rotting wood, and more.
  • Thermal Transfer and Drafty Air: It is common for old materials to bring in the drafty air from outside. Even the smallest drafts can add up to increase your utility bills over the year. When the weather turns cold, those cold temperatures will come inside through the outdated doors and windows. Then, the heater needs to turn on frequently to overcome this thermal transfer. This problem can be eliminated by installing energy efficient replacement materials.
  • Wear and Tear: Do the doors and windows look old and run down? If wear and tear are taking a toll on your property, then it is time to discuss your options with our team. These renovations will modernize the appearance of your home.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to invest in replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR. If you are considering these upgrades, then we are here to help. Call Kemp’s Windows Inc. to learn more about your options.

Financial Benefits of New Doors and Windows

Don’t let your judgment be clouded by the initial costs for materials and installation. Instead, focus on the long-term financial benefits that will be enjoyed by your family. These replacement doors and windows can have a significant impact on your home, helping you enjoy benefits for years to come.

When you improve the quality of your home, your property value will go up. You can ask a higher price tag before you sell so that there is more equity to use for the purchase of another property. Home renovations are considered an investment due to the financial benefits when you sell the property.

Additionally, it is nice to manage your monthly spending by decreasing the cost of your utility bills. Energy efficiency upgrades will help to reduce the energy that is used every month. As a result, your utility bills will go down.

Learn Difference between New Windows and Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are designed to replace existing windows in a house. They are built to be mounted from the inside of the house into the existing window frame. If there is a budget or time limit, replacement windows are an excellent choice for a simple home improvement project. Replacement or retrofit windows are created so that a builder would not have to remove the home’s exterior materials in order to install the window; they are measured to fit in an existing window opening and will only replace the window itself. With all of the advantages of new windows, this saves time and money.
Windows for newly constructed houses or other new construction, such as home extension, are known as new construction windows. New windows can also be used in a home remodel project; however, the contractor may need to remove the exterior materials around the window to reveal the home’s studs so that the window can be installed. As you can see, using a new construction window for a remodel project is feasible, but it is a more involved method for the contractor to ensure that the exterior materials are exactly the same.

Complimentary Consultation for Your Family

Are you interested in more information about replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR? Then you need to schedule a free consultation with our team at Kemp’s Windows Inc. We invite you to visit our nearby showroom to see the materials that are available: 16107 SE Mcloughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97267. Or, call if you prefer to have a consultation in your home: (503) 659-7587

Get the highest quality windows, doors, and sidings for your Portland, Oregon home. We proudly offer key, local brands of windows, doors, and siding that offer superior quality and workmanship. Call (503) 659-7587 and Schedule a FREE Estimate Today.

Window Replacement FAQs

  • What are the top benefits of Low-E windows?
    • Here’s the top three benefits of Low-E windows:
      • Reduce Energy Consumption – When you get windows with low-E on the glass, what you’ll end up with are windows that are more energy-efficient.
      • Let’s in Natural Light – While Low-E glass will blog UV rays, it won’t block out natural light.
      • Block Ultraviolet Rays – Low-E will also repel harmful UV rays. Without this sort of coating on your windows, the UV rays can actually damage your furniture and window treatments by causing premature fading.
  • What are the benefits of getting storm windows?
  • How to shop for replacement windows on a budget?
    • While the decision is up to you, below are the strategies you can put in place to get the windows you need within your budget.
      • Figure Out a Realistic Budget – How much can you afford to spend? This is the first question you need to ask yourself before heading out to buy replacement windows.
      • Present Budget to Replacement Window Company – Your next order of business is to tell the replacement window company about your budget.
      • Ask About Sales and Discounts – One way to get a good deal on replacement windows is to buy products that are on sale. You can ask about any sales, special promotions, discounts, and other things of this nature.
      • Be Careful About Extras – There are many extras that can make your replacement windows even better, but all these extras will end up costing you more.
      • Select a Common Style – Common styles will cost less than will special styles.
  • How to replace a window?
    • If you just need a new windowpane, remove the old one and call a glazing contractor to come out and replace it. Consider using a stock replacement window if the whole window has to be replaced. You must install the entire current window down to the house frame for full-frame replacement windows.
  • How much to replace windows?
    • Window replacement costs range from $300 to $800 per window, with most homeowners paying about that amount, including installation. The majority of your home window cost estimates will be based on variables such as window styles, such as double hung, casement, and bay windows. Just give us a call because at Kemp’s Windows we value the budget that you can afford with the right product and service.
  • How to replace or repair window screen?
    • Take out the window screen and place it on a flat work surface. Pry the window screen spline from the grooves around the edge of the frame with a slotted or flathead screwdriver. Staples or nails may be used to secure the mesh in wooden panel frames. Using a staple remover or the screwdriver, pry out the staples.
  • How long does it take to install a window?
    • A typical window installation should take about six weeks from start to finish. A professional window installer may also usually install at least 10 windows per day. Window installation, on the other hand, will take two days depending on many factors.
  • What type of window is most energy efficient?
    • People are increasingly using energy efficient windows to save energy in their homes. Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones will help you save money on your utility bills while also improving the insulation of your house. Picture windows and transom windows are two examples of fixed windows (installed over other windows or doors). Fixed pane windows are the most energy-efficient of all windows because they are unusable, particularly when combined with protective coating or double glazing.
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