When your energy bills are out of whack, when drafts enter your home with every blast of wind outside and when water seeps inside through the windows during rainstorms, you may need Happy Valley, OR replacement windows. Getting new windows will take care of not only the aforementioned problems, but also offer you more benefits.   

But what should you do with your old windows? The installers might, as part of the installation project, take your old windows. And while you can be sure that they’ll be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, you might not want to entertain the thought of your old windows adding to landfill clutter. Here’s a look at some of the options to repurpose your old windows.  

Create Headboard 

If you’re the creative type who wants to do things that will make your home stand out, then you can try using your old windows as a headboard for your bed. Hang multiple windows against the wall in your bedroom. So, for instance, you might want to use four windows and to position them in a square — two side by side at the top and two side by side at the bottom. Then you can push your bed against that wall so that the old windows serve as a unique headboard. You can paint the frames if you so choose, but you might prefer to leave them as is for a more natural look.  

Space Divider 

Why not try using some old windows as a space divider? One example of how you can apply this is if, for instance, you want a section of your den to serve as a reading room. You can hang some windows to section off a specific area so that the readers in your family have a nice cozy nook where they can curl up on into a chair and tuck into a good read.  

Cabinet Doors 

Are you relatively handy? Even if you’re not, you can access the Internet to find out how to make a simple cabinet. You might want to use some of your old windows as doors for the cabinet. You also might be able to use your old windows for an existing cabinet you have. If you want to change things up, substitute the cabinet doors with some of your old windows. You can make a project out of it, and you’ll surely end up with a cabinet that is one of a kind.  


Are you a gardener? Would you like to lengthen the growing season? The perfect way is to get a greenhouse, but with the right plan, you can build one yourself. And you can bet that old windows will be a key part of such a plan. Again, go online and check out some simple ways to construct a greenhouse. Using your old windows will mean you won’t have to go out and buy any for that purpose.  

When the time comes to get some replacement windows in Happy Valley, OR, get in touch with Kemp’s Window Inc. We have a wide selection of brand name windows from reputable manufacturers, and our professional installers will ensure they’re put in right…the first time around. Call us at (503) 659-7587 or visit us at 16107 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97267 to learn more. We’re here to help! 

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