You can’t go wrong hiring the right contractor to install your Happy Valley, OR replacement windows, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some service providers that are more skilled than are others. Buying new windows constitutes a substantial investment, so you want to get them put in by the most experienced of professionals out there.   

Here’s a look at some of the things you should consider before you hire a professional contractor to install your new windows.  


You’re more likely to appreciate the end result if you find a contractor who has years of experience under his or her belt. This isn’t to say that someone with less experience can’t do just as professional a job, but odds are that someone with lots of experience will be a safer bet than someone with a little bit of experience. So be sure to ask prospective service providers about their experience level so that you can weigh whether or not they warrant further consideration.  


Professional contractors who don’t have insurance should be stricken from your list of consideration. The insurance policy, which should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage, is a sign that the contractor in question is looking out for the customers’ interest and for his or her own interests. It’s actually the sign of a true professional in the contractor space to hold insurance with the necessary coverage.  


This is a very important point. You don’t want to hire a professional contractor unless the person is licensed as a window installer. Licensing is like validation. It shows that the license holder has demonstrated the competence and expertise needed to take on the job in question. So when you find a licensed window installer, you’ll know that the person can do the job for you in a way that reflects best practices in workmanship. 

Past Customers 

If the professional contractor has years of experience, then it should be no problem for him or her to provide references from people who can vouch for his or her work. Ask for references and spend the time to call them up and ask some questions. You want to get previous customers’ overall general experiences. Ask them if they were happy with the results, if the contractor communicated well, if the contractor stuck to the agreed upon installation price, if the contractor arrived on time and was diligent on the job, and other things of this nature. After you’ve considered what the past clients have said, you’ll be in a better position to decide who to hire.  

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