Having a home renovation can be a rewarding experience when you know your options and which direction you want to go. Whether you are looking for replacement windows in Portland, OR, or new doors, it is good to gather as much information as possible to make an educated decision. Replacing your previous doors with energy-efficient ones has multiple positive outcomes, so read on for more details.

Energy Consumption Reduction

Your doors will be a prime culprit for wasted energy due to not being properly insulated. Without having the thermal reflection ability, it can create inconsistencies in temperature and require more energy to keep your condition comfortable. Looking for reflectivity values on the door ranging from 1 to 9, you want to choose between 7-9 for the highest value. The reduction also contributes to saving money on your energy bill, which saves you money over time.

Tax Credits

Another benefit that comes is with tax incentives by choosing energy-efficient products. This can also apply to windows, so it would be worth checking with local companies to see your options.

Higher Comfort Levels

Without having energy-efficient doors, your air conditioning or heating units can work harder than they need to. This will go straight to your heating and cooling bills, and your home’s temperature will not be optimal. Energy-efficient doors fit the frames properly and are designed to maintain appropriate energy transfers, saving you money.

Increasing Home Value

If you consider selling your home in the future, adding energy-efficient doors will be a bonus to any buyer. This can be a selling point for the realtor, increasing the value and appeal of your home. It is important to note that even if you don’t have any issues with your current doors, it is recommended to have them inspected and switched to energy-efficient ones.

In addition, because the sun can cause damage to your belongings and hardwood over time, you want to ensure longevity. Replacing a door with a window in it with a low-emissivity coating will promote energy efficiency while reducing your home’s internal exposure to UV damage.

The Best Doors for your Home

Your home is a space that you want to protect and keep in the best possible condition you can for as long as you are able. You want to enhance its curb appeal and maintain its internal aesthetics in the most optimal shape. Installing energy-efficient doors will helpreplacement windows for your Portland, OR create a positive impact that you will see for years to come.

If you are looking for new energy-efficient doors or replacement windows in Portland, OR, you want an expert company you can trust. Since 1979 Kemp’s Windows Inc. has been providing their customers with the highest quality products on the market and improving their homes one project at a time. We understand that our customers keep our business successful and are here for all your door and window endeavors. Your satisfaction is our goal, so give us a call today and let our friendly customer service representatives help you get started.

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