Considering how unpredictable the weather can be in Portland, OR, replacement windows should only be installed during certain seasons. If it’s just one window, you may be able to install it at any time of the year. But when your project involves replacing multiple windows in your home, you have to consider the weather and other important factors. Here are the best seasons to replace your windows.

Replacing Windows During The Summer Or Spring

During late spring or early summer, the weather is tolerably warm meaning that you don’t have to worry about the cold drafts getting into your home. But you need to take extra precautions if the weather gets too hot like closing the doors in the room where the installation is taking place. Closing the door restricts the heat in the room where installation is taking place so that the rest of the home remains cool. You need to schedule the project during off-season months for window replacement, which is often the cold months of summer or spring. It will be easier to find an affordable installer and you may even get an “off-season” deal.

What To Consider When Replacing Windows During The Fall

With winter just around the corner, people start scheduling projects to fix various fixtures around the home to prepare for the cold months. Fortunately, fall is a low season for window replacement which means that you can easily find a contractor before winter arrives. But the days are colder and shorter which you should consider if you are planning to replace several windows in your home. Since many contractors are freeing up during the fall, you won’t need to premiums or wait too long for the project to be completed. The contractor is also able to test whether the seal is tight and whether no cold drafts are leaking into your home because the weather is already getting cold.

Replacing Windows One Room At A Time During Winter

If you were not able to install your windows during the fall, you can still do it in the winter. But you have to consider that your heating expenses are definitely going to increase. You can avoid this by sealing off the room to prevent your home from experiencing drastic heat loss. That means that winter is the best time to replace a few windows, not all your windows. If you want to replace all your windows in winter, then the best solution would be to move to another place until the work is finished. Generally, materials and installation are really affordable during winter.Portland, OR replacement windows

Should You Replace Your Windows

The right reason to replace your windows is when the window is no longer working as intended. That can mean that the window is not providing enough insulation leading to an increase in your monthly energy bills. Sometimes it’s all about the windows not being smooth or easy to operate anymore.

Consult our Portland, OR Windows installers about the best time to install your replacement windows. Our installers are licensed, bonded, and insured and have years installing replacement windows.

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