Are you planning to buy new construction or replacement windows in Portland, OR? Before you choose between these two types of windows, you must first consider the nature of your project. In construction or remodeling, new construction windows are appropriate. If existing windows need to be removed, then replacement windows are the better option.

When To Use Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are the better option if you cannot demolish walls or the building is not under construction. If the window frames are in good shape, then you can use replacement windows. This means that using replacement windows is cheaper and does not cause any damage to the structure of your home.

What To Consider When Looking For Replacement Windows

American-made replacement windows are more likely to be high quality than foreign ones. Foreign-made windows may not fit into the existing window frame in your home because they are not always made according to American standards. Knowing the type of window you want makes it easier to find exactly what you want. Some types of windows include basement hopper windows, picture windows, sliding windows, double-hung windows, and more. The material used to make the window is also an important consideration.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

You are likely to be presented with the option of buying either double pane windows or triple pane windows. Air or argon fills the space between the panes to enhance energy efficiency. Buying a triple-pane window is appropriate if you want maximum insulation, especially if you live in colder climates. Another thing to consider if you are concerned about energy efficiency is the coating on the window’s glass. The coating is often done to keep your home cool on a hot day without having to close your shades or blinds.

When To Buy New Construction Windows

If the window frames in your home are ruined, then the only option is to get new construction windows. The damaged frames will have to be removed first before any window is installed. This is why new construction windows are also the right choice for a new house. You can also use them if you intend to increase the size of the original opening. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use replacement windows in these situations but they may reduce your view because they have to fit into an existing frame. Since a lot of labor is involved in installing new construction windows, they are more expensive than replacement windows.replacement windows in Portland, OR

How To Choose The Right Window

The appropriate type of window for renovations or for new construction is a new construction window. But you can always consult a professional to help you pick the right window for your project if you are unsure what to choose.

Our installers are licensed and have years of experience helping our customers to pick the right replacement windows in Portland, OR. Visit our showroom today and let us help you find the perfect match for your home.

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