Any technician with experience installing replacement windows in Portland, OR can show you how to ensure that your windows are not vulnerable during rainy weather. This is because if your old window is leaking when it rains, it won’t just be an inconvenience but may damage your home’s structure and lead to mold growth. Here are common causes of leaky windows and solutions to help you fix a leaking window.

Find The Source Of The Leak

When you are looking for the source of the leak, you need to consider that even if the water is coming in through the window, it could be originating from somewhere else. The water could be coming from the roof, the gutters, or the flashing. Sometimes the water isn’t even coming in through the window.

After finding the source of the leak

If you conclude that the leak is coming from the window, inspect the window sealant. One sign that the window sealant is not working as intended is when the window appears dirty even after it has been cleaned. That means that dirt or dust from outside is finding its way into your home through the sealant. Another sign is when there is condensation between the panes of glass which indicates that moisture is trapped between the panes. If the sealant has cracks or looks like it has seen better days, then it could be time to replace it. This is a relatively easy fix that can help prevent water from entering your home.

The Window Flashing Could The Problem

Window flashing is the thin strip of metal or PVC that is installed around the window frame to prevent water from seeping in. It can lead to a water leak if it is damaged or if it was not installed properly. The proper way to install the flashing is to do it in a layering sequence just like you would install shingles on the roof. This helps direct rainwater hitting the window away from the window. Check the flashing around the window and repair or replace any that appear damaged.replacement windows in Portland, OR

Cracks On The Window Frame Could Be Causing The Leak

A crack or other kind of damage to the window frame could cause a leak. The only way to fix this is to replace the window frame or sash. Filling the crack may be a bad idea because the sash joints are supposed to contract and expand with seasonal changes. During rainy or cold weather, the wood fibers or joints contract and open up. They expand during warm weather, which closes these gaps. So, only fill the gap if you see the light through it and are sure that it’s the source of the leak. But, if the window is old or in poor condition, replacing it is the best long-term solution.

Our experienced installers have years of experience not just installing replacement windows in Portland, OR, but also helping homeowners determine whether to fix a leak or replace the entire window.

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