When shopping for replacement windows in Portland, OR you may find yourself having to choose between wood and vinyl replacement windows. Wood replacement windows just like vinyl windows can serve you better in different situations. For instance, the look and feel of wood cannot be imitated by vinyl material. So, if you are focused more on aesthetics, wood windows always beat the vinyl ones. But vinyl is still a better choice if you have a smaller budget.

The Strong Points Of  Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are made from high-quality plastics, which is why they are often white in color. You can also find them in tan and flamboyant colors, but the darker the color is the more likely it is to fade. They are easier to clean by wiping with a dump cloth and never need painting or sealing. That means you don’t have to worry about them warping or rotting because of long-term exposure to moisture or the sun. Since they are not a good conductor of heat and cold, they offer acceptable insulation. The ones with a form filling in their hollow core are better at insulation.

Wood Windows Offer Insulation And Charm

Wood not only adds an elegant feel to your home but also has a special charm that makes your home feel comfy and welcoming. They are durable and can last up to 60 years with proper maintenance. Since they are poor conductors of heat and cold, they are great at keeping the warm air in during winter and the heat out during summer. Wood is an environmentally friendly material because a tree can be planted in the place of the one that was used to make the wood for your window. There are many designs of wood replacement windows that you can choose from, and your home’s value increases when you install wood windows. But wood replacement windows are not cheap.

Alternative To Wood Windows

Composite windows offer you the charm of wood windows but they are more affordable. That means that they have the same elegant look you associate with wood because they look like wood. Their external cladding is made of aluminum, which makes the windows incredibly durable. Windows made from composite material do not rot, warp, or expand when exposed to the elements.

How To Choose Between Wood And Vinyl

If your project is all about installing windows that offer the most value for money, vinyl replacement windows are the best choice. They out-compete both wood and composite windows as far as durability and easy maintenance are concerned. Compared to wood, vinyl windows are not that good at insulation but they do a good job. They are also not easy to customize like wood or composite windows. Vinyl windows only maintain their look better if they are white or gray, which limits your interior décor options.

If you are having trouble choosing replacement windows in Portland, OR, contact us today. We will help you find the right windows for your home at our showroom.

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