Wooden windows are among Portland, OR replacement windows that are in great demand not just because of their look and feel but also because they provide great insulation. For a replacement window to be described as wooden, its frame and sashes should all be constructed from wood. The different parts of a woo replacement window are nailed, screwed, and glued together. Caulk is used to cover any gaps so that the window cannot leak air or moisture. Here are things you should know when getting wood replacement windows.

Hardwood Windows Are Durable

Wood windows are made from different types of wood, and the one’s made from hardwoods like mahogany offer durability. They do not expand and contract as much as lower-quality wood windows, which means they are less vulnerable to humidity compared to other cheaper options. Pine is a more affordable wood used to make windows because it is naturally resistant to shrinkage and swelling in humid conditions. That means it retains its shape very well. It is also a very lightweight wood and takes paint and stains extremely well.

Cladding Or Priming Windows Makes Them Last Longer

Wood windows are aesthetically pleasing but they are often vulnerable to rot and other issues. To prevent this, some manufacturers clad the exterior of their windows with either aluminum or fiberglass. This cladding protects against harsh weather conditions and helps the window last longer. You can also paint or stain windows that are not pre-primed to protect them. Pine wood frames are known to take paint and stains well because they have a fine uniform texture and straight grain.

New Construction Vs Replacement Windows

You can replace your old windows with either replacement windows or new construction windows. Replacement windows are easier to install because they are designed to fit into an existing window frame. That means they often don’t have a nailing flange which makes them unsuitable to be installed in a brand-new house. New construction windows can be installed in brand-new homes or used to replace old windows with damaged frames. They have to be nailed into the wall before the wall construction is even finished.

How To Measure For Replacement WindowsPortland, OR replacement windows

Replacement windows are designed to fit into existing window openings. That means that measuring for replacement windows is not the same as measuring for new construction windows. Measure the existing window frame to ensure all four corners are at 90° angles. If not all corners are 90° then there is a great chance that the windows won’t open. There are instructional videos that can help you measure the angles properly online. You also have to measure the width of the window by placing the tape measure against the jamb on both sides of the window. You have to measure the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Take note of the shortest measurement.

Fortunately, when you are shopping for Portland, OR windows, our trained and certified installers can make the measurements for you. That way, you can concentrate on choosing the style and quality of replacement windows you want.

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